“Habitus Baltija 2013” – 13th international young fashion designers competition

On 20 April next year Riga International Exhibition Centre (Latvia) will host one of the biggest fashion industry events in Baltics – the 13th international young fashion ”, the event that brings young fashion designers from all over the world together every year. The aim of “Habitus Baltija” is to discover and support young, talented fashion designers, and offer a place where one can enrich their experience. It also promotes exchange of ideas and knowledge between fashion artists, industry experts and academia. This , held in scope of the exhibition Fashion and Textile 2013, is an integrated project. It includes shows, fashion conferences and seminars, educator activities. entries are evaluated by an international panel of judges, consisting of fashion experts and educators. Prizes include invitations to international competitions, shows, free education and other valuable prizes.

Participants of the competition also get free invitation to the 2nd Fashion and Textiles Conference to be held on 19 April. Conference offers a great insight into the design industry trends. Exhibition and conference Fashion and Textile, held along with “Habitus Baltija 2013”, is an annual event that brings together fashion and textile businesses, therefore, it is a great change for upcoming fashion designers eager to find their future cooperation partners. The total of 11 112 visitors, including 1 712 registered professionals, i.e. experts, manufacturers, sellers, designers, journalists, reviewers from 19 countries attended the exhibition in 2012.

“Habitus Baltija” competition was first held in 2001. It has become an attraction to both fashion experts and enthusiasts. “Habitus Baltija” is the only official fashion show included in the programme of the Riga 2014 Culture Capital of Europe.

Organisers include the International Exhibition Company BT-1, Latvian Academy of Arts, Estonian Academy of Arts, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design and Tallinn University of Applied Sciences. It is also supported by the Riga City Council.

School’s with their students and individuals are kindly invited to take part in competition of “Habitus Baltija 2013”! Number of entries is limited, so make sure you register early.

To apply for participation in the exhibition, please contact the organisers.

About Competition

Competition title: Competition for Young Fashion Designers “HABITUS BALTIJA2013”hereinafter referred to as the Competition.

Venue and Dates: Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, Kipsalas  iela 8, Riga, Latvia. Held within the framework of the “Fashion & Textile2013”Fair on 18–20 April 2013.

  • 18/04/2013 Arrival, rehearsals
  • 19/04/2013 Rehearsals, seminars
  • 20/04/2013 Competition, award ceremony

Organisers: Art Academy of Latvia, Estonian Academy of Arts, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Krakow School of Art and Fashion Design, Tallinn University of Applied Sciences and International Exhibition Company BT 1, LLC.

Principal Organiser: International Exhibition Company BT 1, LLC, hereinafter referred to as the Organiser.

Mission: to promote the discovery of new talents, to foster the professionalism of young fashion designers and to stimulate their creative potential, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge between fashion designers and professionals of fashion industry.

Contestant:  any person who has applied for participation in the  Competition as an individual participant (a student of art and design school or a young designer with seniority of up to 3 years after graduation),  or a school by submitting the Application Form, accepted and duly signed by the Organiser. The number of participants in the Competition is limited.

Organiser’s contacts:

Linda Lejiņa, Project Manager:
Tel: (+371) 6 7065053
GSM: (+371) 2 6418772
Fax: (+371) 6 7065035
E- mail: linda.lejina@bt1.lv
Website: www.habitus.lv, www.bt1.lv/habitus
Address: Kipsalas iela 8, Riga, LV-1048, Latvia

Application and Acceptance Procedure

To enter the Competition, an applicant shall apply for participation electronically no later than by 15 March 2013 sending to the Organiser at habitus@bt1.lv respectively – a filled out Application Form for individual participation or Application for school competition. Application forms are available on the competition website: www.bt1.lv/habitus.  Please be sure to enclose the following information and materials:

  • Complete presentation of the collection (in English, MS PowerPoint file not exceeding 1MB) that shall include the following content and shall meet the following requirements:
    • inspiration materials (1 page);
    • description of the collection (not exceeding 100 words)
    • photographs of one apparel set  – in full length on a model showing the front and rear sides of the set. Accessories, makeup and hairstyle must be as expected to show during the competition
    • 4–7 numbered apparel drawings or photographs apparel drawings in the order of appearance (1 page)
    •  technical specification and detailed account on realisation of each apparel in drawings  fabrics used in the collection (1 page)
  • Curriculum Vitae in English or Latvian
  • Optional materials to be submitted:
    • 4–8 photographs of previous apparel collections
    • brief description of defile; music, type of models, lighting, choreography

School competition (pertains only to collections entered into the School Competition): additionally to information requested above, each school shall submit a filled-out registration form available at www.bt1.lv/habitus.

Observing the Rules for Participation and paying the respective participation fee, the same person can participate in the Competition with different collections both in the Individual and School competition. Within ten days after receipt of duly submitted full information about the Applicant, the Organisers evaluate it and communicate the acceptance or rejection to the Applicant.

If the Applicant fails to submit to the Organiser all documents in compliance with the requirements here above, or the number of participants accepted to the competition has already reached the limit, or Applicant’s collection does not meet the concept of Competition, the Organiser is entitled to reject the Applicant’s request for participation.

The list of Applicants admitted to the competition will be published on the Competition website on 26 March 2013.

Application being accepted, the Organiser informs the Contestant and the latter hereafter shall provide the Organiser with the original signed copies of previously electronically forwarded documentation sending them by post or submitting in person.

Competition Entry Fees

Entry fee for Individual Contestants (per collection):

  • EUR 100.00 (plus VAT), if the Contestant applies for participation before 01.02.2013;
  • EUR 150.00 (plus VAT), if the Contestant applies for participation from 02.02.2013 until 15.03.2013.

Entry fee for School Contestants (no more than two collections):

  • EUR 100.00 (plus VAT), if the School applies for participation before 15.01.2013;
  • EUR 200.00 (plus VAT), if the School applies for participation from 16.01.2013 until 15.03.2013.

The Contestant shall pay the calculated Entry fee by money transfer to the Organiser’s bank account or in cash to the Organiser’s Accounts Office within five working days following the issuance of the respective Invoice.

If the Contestant does not pay the Invoice by the due date, the Organiser shall be entitled to reject Contestant’s participation in the Competition.

The Contestant shall be entitled to revoke the Application for participation in the Competition giving the notice to the Organiser in writing by 1 February2013. Insuch a case, the Organiser shall repay to the Contestant entry fees already paid in full; however, if the organiser receives a revocation notice after 1 February 2013, then 50% of entry fees already paid shall be taken for the penalty. If the Contestant revokes application after 25 March 2013, the Organiser is entitled to keep the Entry fee already paid for the penalty.

Collections and Shows

Contestants may enter into the competition the projects of men, ladies’ or mixed collections or finished collections created no earlier than in 2012. Higher priority will be given to the collections exhibiting conceptual and artistic idea, high quality, nuanced colour and material composition, as well as innovative cuts or material treatment. The competition is open to conceptual and experimental ready-to-wear or avant-garde fashion collections.

Number of apparel in a collection: 4–7 pieces.

Duration of a show: 3–4 minutes

The Organiser provides: 

  • models (classic stage make-up, hairstyle, classic black shoes and hosiery);
  • a catwalk and backstage rooms;
  • auxiliary personnel.
  • upon Contestant’s request and at an extra fee of EUR 15.00 (plus VAT) – choreographer’s services to produce choreography for showing one collection during a rehearsal fixed by the Organiser.

No modifications to model’s make-up will be permitted.  If need be, the Contestant may provide models with specific footwear that shall correspond or be identical to those in the collection photographs submitted to the Organiser during the process of application.

Contestants may use their own models giving prior notice in writing to the Organiser.

The Contestant shall keep to the Competition timetable including that of fittings, rehearsals and castings fixed by the Principal Organiser and co-organisers.

If the Contestant arrives late for or misses any of scheduled activities, the Organiser will not appoint another time for a fitting, rehearsal or casting session.


The contestant works are evaluated by an international jury that incorporates fashion designers, clothing manufacturers, editors of fashion magazines and lecturers of educational institutions. The list of jury members will be announced.

Evaluation criteria: 

  • originality of a collection, innovative forms,
  • quality (details , choice of materials and fabrics),
  • overall visual appearance.

A collection may be created by one or a group of designers 

Individual competition. All competition entries, including collections entered by fashion and design schools, are subject to individual competition.

School competition. Only collections entered by the art or fashion design colleges are subject to school competition. Each school may enter 2 collections into the competition.  The Organiser covers accommodation costs in the period from 18 April to 21 April 2013 (a 3-nights stay max) for two participants of the school team.

School competition: the winner will be determined by calculating the arithmetic mean of results each school collection has scored in the individual competition.


The Habitus Baltija Grand Prix statuette for the 1st-place winner.

Prizes for the 2nd- and 3rd-place winners in overall „Habitus Baltija2013”rating (irrespective of whether collections was entered in the Individual or School competition).

The Habitus Baltija Grand Prix statuette for the 1st -place winner in the School competition.

International traineeship and study opportunities.

Certificates for participation in international competitions.

Opportunity to take part in the opening show of “Habitus Baltija2014”.

Opportunity to take part in “Fashion & Textile2014”.

Diplomas to all contestants.

Awards from supporters and sponsors

Other Provisions

The best collections may be repeatedly presented during the “Habitus Baltija2013”Gala Show. By 15 March 2013, the Contestant shall inform the Organiser about the time of his or her arrival sending a notice in writing to habitus@bt1.lv.

The Organiser shall set out the timetable of rehearsals and inform the Contestants about the time and venue of “Habitus Baltija2013”Gala Show, as well as, by 30 March 2013, the Organiser shall send the Competition

Regulations to Contestant’s given e-mail address. 

The Organiser shall inform the Contestants about the procedure of the Competition by 09.00 on 19 April 2013.

The Competition Regulations shall be an integral part of the present Rules for Participation and is legally binding for the Contestants who had applied for participation in the Competition.

The present Rules for Participation, the original copy of which stays with the Organiser (the Contestant may obtain an attested copy of the original document),  shall be an integral part of the Contestant’s Contract–Application for Participation coming into effect from the date of its signing by both parties and shall be valid untilthe complete fulfilment of the obligations assumed by both parties.

Web: http://www.bt1.lv/habitus/

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