“Safer roads in Europe. Yes we care!” – Poster Design Competition

“Safer roads in Europe. Yes we care!” - Poster Design CompetitionDeadline: 21 October 2011

Eligibility: The competition is aimed at young people with an interest in graphic design. You must be an EU resident and born after 1985. You don’t have to prove your age and residency when you submit your poster, but you will be asked to do so if you get to the finals.

Design a road safety poster for Europe!

Calling all young graphic designers and graphic design students! Can you design a unique road safety poster aimed at young European drivers?

The wants your creativity to help spread the message about responsible driving among young people, one of the most vulnerable groups on the roads. The winning poster will be translated into the EU’s 23 official languages, distributed in all 27 EU countries and used for a communication campaign in Brussels and possibly for similar campaigns across all 27 EU Member States!

The winner will receive €2 000 and will be invited to Brussels for an award ceremony at the European Youth Forum for Road Safety on 24 November 2011. The two runners-up will each win €1 000 and will be notified by post of their prize.

What do I have to do?

Using any technique you like, you should create a poster for use in promoting the EU’s action for road safety in all European countries.

Your work should reflect one of the 12 themes listed in the briefing. There’s no imposed slogan, just an imposed ‘baseline’ – Safer roads in Europe. Yes we care! – This must appear somewhere on your work and will be kept in English regardless of the other word’s on the poster.

Feel free to interpret one of the 12 themes as you wish. Do be aware though that word puns that work in your own language might not necessarily translate well into other languages, so this is perhaps best avoided.

All that remains now is to choose which of the 12 themes your poster will focus on.

If your poster does include text, it must be in one of the EU’s 23 official languages (see list here). It would be helpful if you could however provide a translation in English or French, and there’s a place for this on the entry form.

Your work must conform to the A2 paper standard (420 × 594mm).

The winning poster will eventually be printed with the EU logo – a small EU flag and the words ’The European Union’ – and the Road Safety logo “ON THE MOVE – for safer roads in Europe” at the bottom. You don’t have to include the logo but you may wish to take it into account when creating your poster.

How do I submit my poster?

It’s easy. Just send your work electronically (via the competition website) before midnight Brussels time on 21 October 2011. You can use JPG or GIF format, but if you reach the final 10 stage you will be asked to send your project in PDF and InDesign format so that high-definition prints can be made.

The file must be no larger than 3MB (megabytes). You must provide your name, address, telephone number, date of birth and e-mail address. The contest complies with EU provisions on user privacy.

How will my work be evaluated?

10 finalists will be chosen by representatives from DG MOVE, the coordinator of the European Youth Forum for Road Safety and an expert Art Director from EURESIN.

Apart from originality and artistic quality, jurors will be looking at how well your work represents the themes and whether it will also appeal to your fellow European citizens.

From 31 October to 18 November the 10 pre-selected posters will be put to an online public vote (via the competition website) and anyone will have the opportunity to vote (just once though!).

When will the winner be selected?

The 10 finalists will be selected between 21 and 28 October and will receive a letter to that effect. The online public vote will be held from 31 October to 18 November.

The winner will be invited to Brussels for an award ceremony on 24 November at the European Youth Forum for Road Safety. The two runners-up will be notified by post of their prize.

What happens if I win?

The winning design will be used for a communication campaign in Brussels and possibly for similar campaigns across all 27 EU Member States by the European Commission.
The winner will receive €2 000 and will be invited for an award ceremony to Brussels at the European Youth Forum for Road Safety on 24 November. The two runners-up will each receive €1 000 and will be notified by post of their prize.

The 10 finalists’ posters may also be used in exhibitions organised by the European Commission or EU representatives in EU countries and in promotional material (i.e. mouse pads, postcards, etc.).

What about copyrights and intellectual property?

The ten projects that will be short listed for the public vote will hand over to the European Commission all copyright and intellectual property rights relating to their poster. This means that the Commission may publish the posters wherever and however it wishes.

What will happen if I am one of the 10 finalists but do not meet the competition’s requirements?

As well as the list of the 10 finalists, an additional shortlist will be compiled. If one of the 10 finalists does not meet the competition criteria, it will be replaced by the poster at the top of the shortlist.

Why have I been asked to provide links to my Facebook profile or other social network websites?

Links to your social networking profile will enable us to keep in touch with you during the course of the competition. You may also wish to encourage your online friends to vote for your design through social networking websites!

“Safer roads in Europe. Yes we care!”

You think you’ve got what it takes to design a poster that speaks to young European drivers and gets them thinking about road safety?
We are looking for cleverly thought-out, eye-catching and original designs – we are not looking for posters that rely on lazy shock and awe tactics or tired clichés.
We need to inspire drivers in the 18 to 25 age bracket to take care on the roads and we want to grab their attention through your creative flare.

There are few rules and how to approach the poster remains largely up to you! The only mandatory text that must appear on the poster is the baseline:

“Safer roads in Europe. Yes we care!”

This text will remain in English in all language versions of the poster; however a few lines of explanation may be added in local languages at a later stage.

It is up to you whether you want to include any other text on the poster, but if you do include some, make sure it is in one of the EU’s 23 official languages. You must also provide a translation of any text on the poster in either English or French. Bear in mind that sometimes phrases and puns don’t translate very well!

Pick one and one ONLY of the following 12 themes to create your poster:

Drinking and driving has not been socially acceptable for a long time, and young people are (literally) driving the fight against it. Night owls know that having a designated driver or planning ahead and booking a taxi are key ingredients for a good night out.
2. Drugs & Driving
If your ability to drive is affected by alcohol, then it is certainly affected under the influence of drugs. No ifs or buts.
3. Speed
What’s the rush? Respecting the speed limit doesn’t ruin your street-cred, causing an accident whizzing up and down your local high street does.
We’re talking mobile phones and checking your Twitter feed behind the wheel here. In a world full of instant updates how can we keep young people’s eyes on the task in hand?
The biggest killer on the road is weary eyes. Break up journeys and stay fresh.
6. 2-wheels (Motorbikes / Cyclists)
Four wheels good, two wheels better! Are young drivers aware of their effect on other road users? And are they ever tempted to leave the car at home and join the green road revolution?
7. Helmet and other security issues
Did you know that yellow vests and sturdy helmets are in this season? All the trendiest people around town are wearing them!
8. Visibility
For all road users visibility is vital. If you want to be safe, make sure you are seen.
9. Seat belt
As well as saving your own life, this tiny piece of apparatus can save the lives of your passengers too.
10. Pedestrians
Pedestrians and drivers – where is the love? Do drivers respect pedestrians, and do pedestrians make life difficult for cars?
11. Consequences
We all know the realities of dangerous driving, but how can we illustrate these consequences beyond the obvious?
12. Other theme
Your poster can also reflect any other road safety issue not mentioned above.

 The competition is organised by DG MOVE, the , which deals with all aspects of and is responsible for promoting road safety across all 27 Member States, in participation with the coordinator of the European Youth Forum for Road Safety, who is responsible for coordinating the platform where each year young people from all over Europe involved in road safety awareness come together to exchange ideas and campaign for a better collective attitude towards road safety.

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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