2 – 8 Months Residencies for Scholars, Artists and Practitioners at ZKU, Berlin

2 – 8 Months , , Berlin. In the summer of 2012 the Center for Art and Urbanistics / Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanstik (ZKU) launched its research and . The ZKU offers a space for ‘living & work’: furnished accommodation with mostly private bathroom, studio, wifi, communal facilities, shared and private production areas, a platform open to public events, lectures, performance and presentations.

The residency is partly funded by ZKU. The resident’s costs will be between 500 and 800 euro a month.

Applicant Requirements

ZKU welcomes artists, scholars and practitioners (curators, activists, autodidacts etc.) interested in cross-disciplinary theory and practice dealing with the city.
The application proposal should refer to one of the current themes of the ZKU residency program or to an independent research and practice proposal. (‘Ad Hoc’ theme)
Artists should be working professionally in their fields, with a broad range of projects and exhibition experience. Scholars are expected to have attained a level equivalent to a master’s degree, and preferably to have some years of professional experience. Practitioners should have a broad range of professional experience in their fields.


  • ‘From Scratch’/’Open Lab’ theme: deadline to be announced
  • ‘Ad Hoc’ theme: open call, you can apply all year for this theme

To apply read with care the guidelines and application form.

Web: 2 – 8 Months Residencies for Scholars, Artists and Practitioners at ZKU, Berlin

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