Bricolage Design Prize 2011

Bricolage Design Prize 2011Deadline: 31 October 2011

Are you concerned about the large amount of waste Australians generate? Have you ever been inspired to make something from these potentially wasted resources? Current estimates are that Tasmanians produce a staggering 1.0 tonne of waste per person per annum, from municipal, domestic, commercial, industrial, construction and demolition sources. Of this waste, only 15% is known to be recycled.

The Bricolage Design Prize was initiated in 2008,as an annual event to encourage entrants to develop a marketable product from a reliable source of inert industrial waste. In 2011 designers and innovators are encouraged to apply for the $7000 Major Prize or the $500 Tassal Bright Ideas Prize. Bricolage has several aims:

  • to encourage industry and the wider community to think about waste as a possible resource with opportunities for value-adding;
  • to facilitate the design and creation of high quality Tasmanian products ;
  • to support designers and foster innovation by showcasing to the public;
  • to provide incentives and support for small business development based on recovery of resources; and
  • to ultimately reduce waste to landfill.

A Creative Brief is available to assist those people interested in applying.

Tips and Ideas will also be helpful to potential entrants of any category.

Shauna Mayben was interviewed by Airlie Ward from the ABC television program Stateline Tasmania with regard to her winning entry in the 2010 Bricolage Design Prize.

Entries close 5 pm Monday 31st October 2011.

For further information about this project or to discuss the Creative Brief, please contact:

Waste Minimisation/Sustainability Officer
134 Macquarie Street
PO Box 1751
Phone: 03 6233 4028
Fax:     03 6233 6800
Email:  EnvironmentEnquiries@environment.tas.gov.au

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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