Call for project proposal – Art & Sport Festival de l’Entorse 2014

For the preparation of the next edition of its arts and sports festival (spring, 2014 – Lille, Eurometropole and Region Nord-Pas de Calais), l’Entorse launches a directed to the artists, art or sports structures, and public bodies. The theme: Aquatic / Aerial. All the artistic and sports disciplines are concerned. The proposals are to be sent before January 14th, 2013

Call for project proposals – Art & Sport Festival de l’Entorse 2014 – Lille – France. Thematic: Aquatic / Aerial. This call for is directed to:

  • Artists (person, association or company) working in any artistic discipline, from all over the world
  • Operators (art & cultural organizations, public bodies, theatres, sports clubs, associations…) wishing to work with an artist or on an art project, in the framework of this call for proposals.

Association L’Entorse / Context: The association L’Entorse (Lille – France) has been working since 2006 on the links and cross-overs between arts and sports; its aim is to create long-lasting partnerships between various sports and art protagonists. Every two years, in spring, in Lille and its Euroregion. L’Entorse organizes in connection with various partners, a festival of 10 to 12 weeks duration dedicated to this meeting between the art and sports worlds. All artistic and sports disciplines, without distinction, are represented during the festival: the exhibitions, installations, dance or pieces, performances, concerts, community projects, conferences or workshops have in common to create links between the sports and the artistic universe.

Festival and theme 2014: After an edition 2012 dedicated to the games and the Olympic ideals and values, the next Festival de l’Entorse planned for 2014 (spring) will be organised on the following theme: “Aquatic / Aerial “. This effervescent theme allows for example: to conceive artistic proposals treating of the aquatic, nautical and/or air sports (included sport practiced in height); to imagine participative projects involving clubs practising these sports; to envisage installations or performances in aquatic spaces, in air, in height, in natural or urban context, etc., in or closed to water and air elements.

Objective: The objective of the present call for projects is to collect and to select proposals that include a solid link between arts and sports and that could be nurtured by L’Entorse with the aim of an inclusion in the program of its festival 2014. The proposed projects can be:

  • Specific creations
  • Existing productions proposed on tour
  • Workshops “art and sport” conceived for a large or specific public (children, teenagers, seniors or other)
  • Any project to create a link between the sports and artistic worlds.

Selection criteria:

  • The artistic quality of the project
  • The financial, technical and operational feasibility
  • The relevance of the crossing between arts and sports
  • The relevance of the treatment of the 2014 theme: “Aquatic / Aerial ”
  • The adaptability of the proposal to the territory of Lille, of Lille Métropole, of the Region NordPas-de-Calais or the Eurométropole
  • The involvement of one or several other cultural or sport partner(s) in the project (coproduction, residence or at least confirmation of interest)
  • The involvement of sports people and/or sports clubs, federations, etc. during the conception or realization of the project will be particularly appreciated

Intervention of L’Entorse: The type of intervention depends on selected projects. It will be specified with each of the selected project leaders; it can include in particular:

  •  The coproduction of the projects (NB: L’Entorse must not be envisaged as the only producer of the project; its participation will not exceed 50 % of the budget of production)
  • The support for the implementation of residences and workshops
  • The support in the getting in touch with the sports and cultural partners of the territory in question
  • The support for the participation/engagement of sports participants and the link with the world of the sport in the region…

The application form:

The application for this call for proposal must include:

  • a project’s detailed presentation (5 pages maximum), with a clear explanation of the link with the thematic
  • a projected and detailed balanced budget (in euros)
  • a note concerning the project’s links and aims with the sport community in Lille or Nord-Pas-de-Calais area
  • for new projects, a production schedule (between January 2013 and April 2014)
  • the artist’s CV or the operator’s presentation including complete contact, internet links and pictures of past works and projects

The application form of the project is to be sent by e-mail only to the following address: developpement@entorse.org

Deadline: Monday, January 14th, 2013 at midnight (strict deadline).

Contact for any further information:

Natacha Borel 
In charge of development

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