Call for the Luis Valtuena International Humanitarian Photographic Award

Call for the Luis Valtuena International Humanitarian Photographic AwardDeadline: 15 October 2011
The competition is open to adult amateur and professional photographers of any nationality.

Médicos del Mundo presents the Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award to denounce the situation of millions of people in the World.
This is the fifteenth consecutive year in which MÉDICOS DEL MUNDO has held the LUIS VALTUEÑA INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD.

This award comes as a tribute to and in recognition of Luis Valtueña, Flors Sirera, Manuel Madrazo, and Mercedes Navarro, Médicos del Mundo aid workers killed in Rwanda in 1997 and in Bosnia in 1995 while performing their duties as international humanitarian aid workers.

Their memory serves to ensure that each year victims of injustice are brought to light. Give them a voice through your gaze. And in doing so, together, we can bring injustice to an end.


Entries must be related to humanitarian action, international cooperation and social exclusion –human rights violations, armed conflicts, natural disasters, refugee and immigrant populations, socially excluded groups, etc. –and/or to efforts aimed at building a fairer, more egalitarian world.


Each participant will be able to submit a maximum of ten photographs, which can be part of a series or standalone. The photographs may be in black and white or colour.

Only photos taken between January 2009 and October 2011, and which have not been previously entered, will be accepted.

The photographs must be submitted in digital format.


– Photographs need to be sent in two formats:

* TIFF with a CMYK color profile

* JPEG with RGB color profile

with a minimum resolution of 300 ppi/ppp, in high quality compression (12) and with a minimum size of 30 cm (shorter side).

– The original structure of the digital image can be altered using darkroom techniques such as adjustments to brightness, color contrast, overexposure and underexposure. No other change to the original digital image will be allowed.

– Only singe frame photos will be accepted. Photomontages and multiple exposures will exclude the photograph from the award.

– In order to confirm compliance with the award rules, the organisation reserves the right to request original image files as registered by the camera and before manipulation; or a scanned copy of the print, negative or transparency before manipulation.

– The digital images must not bear any mark identifying the entrant.

– The digital images are to be sent as follows:

Photographs should be mailed on a properly protected CD or DVD, with the entrant’s name identified, to the following address:

MÉDICOS DEL MUNDO, C/ Conde de Vilches, 15, 28028 Madrid, España,


Along with the photographs, an MS Word document containing the following information must be sent:

– Title of the work.

– The word ‘SERIES’ if the photographs are part of a series, including the order in which the images must be viewed.

– A brief description of the photograph, place and circumstances in which it was taken (max. 1 page). Special note will be taken where the background to the people or places featured in the photo is described.

– Full name, phone number, email address and postal address of the photographer, and contact person in case of photographer’s absence.



The closing date for the submission of photographs is 15th October 2011. The postmark on the envelope will be considered as the date of submission.


The following prizes will be awarded:

FIRST PRIZE: a project of 8,000 euros

The winner of the first prize will receive a project grant worth € 8,000 to develop a photo project related to the work of MÉDICOS DEL MUNDO (1), whether in Spain or another country, subject to the approval of the Organisation.

The winner will define the project’s objectives and further development jointly with MÉDICOS DEL MUNDO.

The grant will cover all project expenses. Once terms of the project have been settled, MÉDICOS DEL MUNDO will not require proof of spending.

The grant will be paid in three instalments: 50% when the winner has been announced; 25% at the beginning of the project; and the remaining 25% at the end.

The project will have to be finished before 30th November 2012.

RUNNERS-UP: two prizes of 1,000 euros

The runners-up will each receive a cash prize of €1,000.


Along with the winning entries, other photos will be selected from all those submitted to form part of a travelling national and international exhibition. Photographers will be contacted if their works have been chosen.


The judging panel for the award can be viewed on the award’s website. The panel will convene within thirty days after the closing date, and the selection procedure will be as follows:

  • Winner and runners-up

The panel will choose the three best works from among those submitted, shortlisting them for the first prize (project grant). Once selected, MÉDICOS DEL MUNDO may require that the finalists submit a further sample of up to 12 photos dealing with one or two subjects, for the panel to select the overall winner.

The two remaining finalists will be named runners-up.

Once the panel has completed short listing, MÉDICOS DEL MUNDO will inform the finalists.

Once the panel has reached its final decision, winners will again be notified.

The panel’s decision will be reached by simple majority and the judges’ decision will be final. Should the entries submitted not be of a sufficient standard, the judges reserve the right not to award any prizes.


The awards will be presented publicly in January 2012, at a time and place to be



The winners and photographers whose works have been selected, having accepted the terms of the competition, authorise MÉDICOS DEL MUNDO to reproduce their photos via whatever means and channels it sees fit, so as to promote the award as well as MÉDICOS DEL MUNDO projects and campaigns, both nationally and internationally. The images will always include the name of their author. In no circumstances will the photos be returned to participants.

Participants will observe all legal requirements prevailing in matters of intellectual property and recognise the right of MÉDICOS DEL MUNDO to circulate the photos so as to promote MÉDICOS DEL MUNDO projects and campaigns. This will not infringe or prejudice the rights of any entrant of third party.

MÉDICOS DEL MUNDO reserves the right to modify the competition timeline as outlined, in the interest of enhancing the success of the competition.

Participation in the contest entails acceptance of its conditions of entry.

(1) Humanitarian action, international cooperation and/or social exclusion –violation of human rights, armed conflicts, natural disasters, refugee and immigrant populations, socially excluded groups, etc.

For enquiries, please contact: premioluisvaltuena@medicosdelmundo.org

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site: http://www.premioluisvaltuena.org/en

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