“Chevrolet” BFI London 2011 – International Film Competition

"Chevrolet" BFI London 2011 - International Film Competition Deadline: 3 October 2011
Open to: International
Chevrolet – the Next 100 Years.

2011 marks the , the iconic American car company. During this time, countless numbers of life’s key events and experiences have been played out again and again. Babies have been brought home for the first time, road trips taken, tough talks had, love affairs started and ended, to name but a few.

Chevrolet has also had a huge cultural impact globally, how many other brands have been mentioned in over 700 songs? Now it wants to know it’s next 100 years will look like.

Download the brief by selecting the button on the right to find out more.

Once in a lifetime trip to experience .

  • $8,000
  • Two tickets to BFI London 2011
  • Round trip travel for two (2) people to London with 4 nights accommodation
  • Exclusive screening event of your video at the awards night

2nd Prize

  • $4,000

3rd Prize

  • $2,000

4th Prize

  • $1,000

5th Prize

  • $1,000
If you choose to use an original music composition in your video then it must be an entirely original composition by yourself. By uploading the music within the video you are confirming your acceptance to assign full rights to the music to General Motors in perpetuity. If you do not have full legal responsibility to make such an assignment of rights then you should not use the music. Any original composition may not feature any samples or recordings of any other pieces of audio, sound effects or background music.

What is The Best Format to Shoot?

You need to upload a digital video file. We do not accept tapes or DVDs or anything that needs to be posted in the mail – only digital video uploads.

We recommend shooting in HD because lots of winners get their films shown on big screens and on the web and even on TV – so you want it to look good. Don’t use a resolution below 640×480.

The frame rate is unimportant, but, if you can, shoot at 30fps or higher. Old school 24fps is great for the movies but not great for TV or the web (especially with fast action).

What is The Best Video Format for Upload Success?

We accept avi, mpg, mov, wmv, mp4 and m4v extensions. Neither height nor width can be odd numerically (eg dimensions of 1023 x 768 should not be used because 1023 is an odd number). Do not export any black borders and we prefer 16:9 aspect ratio but will accept other ratios. The video frame rate (fps) is not important but bear in mind the intended use – if the brand intends to display on TV then they will prefer 30fps.

If you export your video from video editing software (eg Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Avid, etc) then we recommend you export an uncompressed file then use the free Handbrake software from http://handbrake.fr to compress the video using FFMpeg compression with AAC Coreaudio (CBR) audio.

Before uploading test your video on a friend’s computer that does not have any video editing or special codecs installed. The video should play on Quicktime and/or Realplayer.

We heartily recommend using Handbrake from http://handbrake.fr to compress your video before uploading. It’s free and available for all operating systems.

Make sure your filename is less than 50 characters including the extension!

I Want to Upload a Large, Better Quality File – should I?

For the contest ALL submissions are re-encoded by the MOFILM platform to a web streaming format. This is because our judges are all over the world and can’t download gigabytes of videos to do their judging – so every video is treated to the same process. Our judges are professionals and will not judge the videos badly if they are a little grainy or have compression artefacts.

Uploading a 20Mb compressed video that has come from Handbrake output is more likely to upload successfully first time and more likely to go through the MOFILM platform without a problem. Most people who upload a large file have problems either with the upload or the MOFILM platform struggles to encode it.

Save your big, ultra-high quality video for later. If you are chosen as a finalist we will be in touch and ask you for it!

How Do I Upload?

Visit the competition website at: www.mofilm.com/competitions and click on the upload button which will be on the competition page.

What Is The Maximum Filesize?

Maximum filesize permitted by the MOFILM platform is 300Mb but we recommend aiming for around 30Mb per 60 seconds of video content if you use our recommended Mpeg4 encoding.

How Should I Name My Files?

Avoid using special/international characters and keep the total filename (including extension) below 50 characters. Ensure the extension is correct for the container used (eg .mov, .mp4, etc). An extension that has been changed (eg a .mov that is changed to .mp4) will be rejected by our platform – you MUST re-encode if you wish to use a different extension.

After uploading the video you will be able to choose a title for your video and enter an optional description.

What happens after upload?

Once you have uploaded your video it will go through the MOFILM encoding platform which creates standard judging formats. You will be emailed once your video has completed this process informing you if there was any problem or if the encoding was successful – this may take 24 hours (or longer during the closing hours of a competition).

A MOFILM administrator will review the video and you may be contacted about any problems or questions. If your video is not suitable then it may be rejected. You may also be asked to re-edit your video and/or re-submit the video.

If your video is accepted the MOFILM administrator will approve the video. At this point the full judging panel will be able to view and review your video but judging will not take place until the submission deadline has passed

How does judging work?

The judges will review all approved videos and will use their own pre-arranged system to rate the videos according to how well they meet the brief, their originality and how well the message is communicated. There may also be additional criteria.

Judging will be fair and all approved videos will be considered.

For Ad competitions video submissions that do not meet the brief entirely but which show creative thinking, good production values and which impress the judges will be accepted.

How are winners notified?

First place winners will be contacted directly by telephone and/or email before any public announcement is made. All other winners and runners up will typically be contacted by email but please check the www.mofilm.com website regularly for updates.

It can take as long as 6 weeks to process all the winners and runners up. There are many legal clearances and considerations so please do not contact MOFILM for confirmation until at least 42 days after the competition has formally closed.

Can I Use My Own Music?

Remember that the winning videos could be screened on TV and/or on major public websites by both MOFILM and the brand/organisation that is sponsoring the competition/event. To this end you must license any music you source for commercial use. MOFILM will need to see evidence of the licence for the music. Please check Licences and end-user agreements carefully as music rights are not usually transferrable or available for commercial use. Please remember the primary focus is the visual content and we do not mark you up or down for the music you use. We strongly encourage you to use any music we provide for this competition/event. Please do not use music that we may have provided for any previous or other competition unless the mofilm.com website specifically says you may.

Can I Film At A Store or In A Public Place?

MOFILM and the competition sponsor cannot any individual permission to film in any store, office or other privately owned building or place. Please do not ask as we cannot answer all emails. You will need to obtain a location release and permission yourself.

In most countries it is usually legal to film in a public place but we urge you to seek permission from the local authorities before attempting to do any filming.

Can A Team/School/College Submit A Video?

Yes. At the moment our platform doesn’t support teams so choose one person to be your “uploader”. All emails from us will go to that one person. You must agree amongst yourselves how any prizes will be distributed should you win anything.

Will The Actors/Producers/Directors/Crew Get Any Credit?

We can’t always name and feature everybody who contributed to the video. We are working on improving our platform to allow this but you must agree in advance with everybody involved that they may not get a personal credit on the MOFILM website or on any brand/related promotions.

Can I Use Third-Party Footage/Photos In My Video?

It’s recommended that you only use original footage that you have shot yourself or any footage that may be provided for the specific competition. You must not copy footage from any other video you find on the internet or elsewhere.

Footage from a stock collection must be paid for by yourself and must have a commercial usage licence which must be shown to MOFILM upon request.

Can I Feature My Video Elsewhere?

Please contact support@mofilm.com for queries on distribution after the competition has closed


Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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