Circo Massimo Competition 2011, Rome

Circo Massimo Competition 2011, RomeDeadline: 30 October 2011

Open to: international

Tourism is a growing resource in the world, and Rome is one of the cities with the highest number of tourist visits per year. It’s rare be faced with a project in a city so rich in history and culture. Circo Massimo competition wants to create a new center in a polycentric city like Rome, a new meeting place, where young people can meet for sports, for a concert in the evening, for an exhibition, for a play. All structures must be dismantled and eco-friendly, is not permitted the use of reinforced concrete.

The space should be treated as a blank slate on which write with a pencil. At any time you should be able to change the structure of the area, erase and rewrite. Music: 1500 mq of structures for small musical performances (stages, audiences, green areas, mobile structures, paths) Sport: 3000 mq of outdoor sports equipment (parks, trails, outdoor sport equipment, training courses) Exhibits: 1000 mq of exhibition space (exhibition routes, temporary installations, land art) Facilities: 100 mq of services (accessibility, restrooms, administrative areas) Dining areas: 300 mq (bars, small restaurants, mobile structures, green areas, paths)

The participation fee is 50€ until July 31 – 70€ from August 1 to September 30 – 80€ from October 1 to the end of competition. After payment with paypal to archinsula@live.com, you recive your group code by mail and than you upload your project (1 file jpg, format A1) on our site.

First Prize: 2500 Euro




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