Collaboration Grants support independent cultural organisations working together across borders and disciplines

Collaboration Grants support independent cultural organisations working together across borders and disciplinesDeadline: 1 September 2011

Eligibility: Collaboration , cross-sectoral activities by independent cultural and artistic organisations working together or with organisations from other sectors. The main applicant needs to be a cultural organisation based in Europe (EU Europe and EU Neighbourhood region), while partner applicants can work in sectors outside the cultural field.

Collaboration support independent cultural organisations working together .

ECF regards the ideal ‘collaboration’ as one that brings a renewed understanding of Europe to people of all backgrounds, and inspires them to regard the world’s future as a shared enterprise. We particularly admire efforts that are daring, different and the status quo. The average award funded is €15,000 with the maximum being €30,000.

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Projects Supported by Collaboration Grants

Breaking into the Museum is a project that not only gets youth into museums but also leads to new curatorial perspectives and interpretations. Produced by Manifesta (UK) with partners in France and Portugal, the project has young people from a diversity of backgrounds ‘breaking into the museum’ and through the making of their own video connecting with the ‘official’ history and heritage as represented by a particular collection. It has received much acclaim for its fresh approach and even fresher results. See an article from the BBC here.

Children’s Project, produced by Swedish-based Lava Dansproduktion with partners in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, introduced a new dance approach through performances and workshops for children, and also stimulates exchanges between dancers from across Eastern Europe.

How to apply, application form and deadlines

You can now submit your Collaboration proposal by using our online application system which has several benefits: it makes sure your application is complete and the budget is balanced.  It also allows you to upload up to 2 MB of supportive material and you will receive an instant confirmation that we have received your proposal. For more information on how to apply, to access the ‘how to apply’ PDF booklet and the application form, click here.

Collaboration Grants are open for application from 20 June 2011 (17:00 PM CET), with a deadline of 1 September 2011 (17:00 PM CET).

The ECF Grants team works in conjunction with expert advisers to administer the Collaboration Grants. We have funded a vast array of projects, bringing unexpected narratives, new ideas and inspired visions to diverse audiences across Europe. In 2010, we received 444 applications and awarded 31 grants of an average amount of €15,000.

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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