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IED daily showcase world young creatives who compete to win a scholarships for master courses in Fashion, Design, Visual Communication and Management 11/12 for studies in Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Venice, Madrid and Barcelona. IED 38 scholarships for enrollment and attendance of Master courses for the 2011-2012 school year.


Art. 1: Promoting Subjects and purpose of the selection

Istituto Europeo di Design – IED

is the promoting subject of this international selection in its locations of IED Roma, IED Milano, IED Torino, IED Venezia, IED Firenze, IED Cagliari, Como Accademia Galli, IED Barcelona, IED Madrid.
1.2 The purpose of the selection is to assign 38 scholarships for attendance of Master programs for the 2011-2012 academic year, covering different amounts of the tuition fees of the program of choice.
1.3 This special project is open to all international candidates aged between 20 and 45 years eligible by the below mentioned requirements: students not residing in Italy or Spain. Italian and Spanish students residing abroad are considered international and therefore allowed to participate.
1.4 The selection involves the publication of the projects on http://creativediary.net/ after a first evaluation, and the scholarship assignment after the below mentioned deadline.
1.5 Projects should be sent by e-mail to: scholarships@ied.edu, no later than Tuesday, the 20th of September 2011, 23.59 (Italian time).

Art. 2: Theme
2.1 Description of the Theme: My Reuse Design
IED calls young creatives to develop ideas and projects describing ‘My Reuse Design’: please apply the reuse concept to the area of studies that you prefer, Fashion, Design, Visual Communication, Management.
“Reuse” means using an item more than once, for the same function, or for a second life, when it is used for a different purpose. By reusing, we can create new shapes from old materials. Reuse helps saving time, money, energy, and resources, it can offer quality products to people and organizations with limited means, it can generate jobs and business activities that contribute to the economy. Reuse is a very important part of a sustainable behavior. Reusing is different from recycling, which consists in processing used materials for the production of new objects.
Reuse can consist of different actions:  remanufacturing (reconstructing the object), regiving/regifting (taking a gift and giving it to someone else), repurposing (changing the function of an object), and nearly everything we buy and consume can be reused: old metal cans, clothes, textiles, plastic bags, bicycle tires, packaging tools are just a few examples of objects that can generate creative reuse.
For each IED area a briefing has been defined.
Applicants must develop the theme relating to the area they wish to apply for (Fashion, Design, Visual Communication, Management); the choice of the element to design or describe depends on the course you chose and, when available, on the specialization you prefer.
In the section n. 5.4 you will find the technical details to present your projects, depending on the level of the Master program you chose.

Art. 3: Participation and Scholarships*
3.1 Individual students can participate in the selection; for every program, one scholarship, covering the 50% or the 100% of the tuition fees for the chosen program, will be assigned. The scholarships will be assigned, whatever the program of choice, only to the 38 students whose projects have been selected by the IED Jury. The decision about the level of coverage of the scholarship (100% or 50%) will be based exclusively on the level of quality of the project, with 100% scholarships reserved only to a maximum of 15 students and only if they meet the level of excellence established by the jury. In case the level of the projects, for one or more of the below mentioned programs, will not be considered sufficient, IED will not assign any scholarship.

The Master courses for which the scholarship can be granted are the following, listed by area:
Fashion Design in English, IED Milano
Fashion Communication in English, IED Milano
Fashion Marketing in English, IED Milano
Fashion Experience in English, IED Milano

Diseño de Moda in Spanish, IED Barcelona

Diseño de Calzado y Complementos in Spanish, IED Barcelona

Diseño de Vestuario de teatro cine ópera y audiovisuales in Spanish, IED Barcelona

Luxury Marketing Management in English, IED Roma
Interior Design in English, IED Milano
Product Design in English, IED Milano
Design Experience in English, IED Milano
Interior for Commercial Spaces in English, IED Barcelona
Design Management in English, IED Barcelona

Diseño Sostenible de Producto – Innovación y gestión in Spanish, IED Barcelona

Food Design in Italian, IED Roma
Visual Communication Experience, in English, IED Roma
Yacht Design in English, IED Torino
Transportation Design in English, IED Torino
Advanced Design for Transportation, in English, IED Torino
Sustainable Architecture in English, IED Torino
Master of European Design Labs in Spanish, IED Madrid
Master of Product Design Labs in Spanish, IED Madrid
Web 2.0: diseño, comunicación, marketing y publicidad in Spanish, IED Barcelona

European Master of Fine Arts Photography in English, IED Madrid

Master of Interaction Design in English, IED Madrid
Master of Videogame Design in English, IED Madrid
Visual Communication Experience in English, IED Roma
Master of Communication Design Labs in Spanish, IED Madrid
Cartoon Animation in Italian, IED Roma
Graphic Design in English, IED Firenze
Brand Design in English, IED Milano

Brand Management and Communication in English, IED Milano
Master of Strategic Design Labs in Spanish, IED Madrid
Comunicazione per la Sostenibilità, in Italian, IED Torino
Communication, in Italian, IED Cagliari
Design for Social Business in English, IED Barcelona and Milano
Arts Management in English, IED Roma, Firenze, Venezia
Como Accademia Galli
MA Contemporary Arts, in Italian
The scholarships will be granted at the following IED locations following the below mentioned distribution:

IED Milano: 9 scholarships;
IED Roma:  5 scholarships;
IED Torino: 5 scholarships;
IED Cagliari:  1 scholarship;
IED Firenze: 1 scholarship;
IED Venezia: 1 scholarship;

IED Madrid: 7 scholarships;
IED Barcelona: 8 scholarships;
Como Accademia Galli: 1 scholarship.
IED will try to distribute the scholarships following the winners location preferences whenever possible, but reserves the right to change the destination of the winner.
*The scholarship , will cover only the tuition fees,  of the above listed courses. The enrolment fees, housing and living expenses and other costs shall be covered by the winners.
The projects received, after a first evaluation, will be published on the selection website http://creativediary.net/, and will be object of comments, public appraisals and voting exclusively for statistical aims, until maximum 30 days after the selection deadline.
The projects will be examined by the Jury, which will decide one winner for every category. The participants authorize IED to use and publish their projects when applying for the selection, but they have the right to ask to remove their projects from IED websites at any time.

3.3 The winners will be notified by email by the IED representative. The winners must send a formal acceptance letter by e-mail to scholarships@ied.edu, within three days after the result is received. If the winner fails to meet this requirement, the scholarship will be automatically considered as ‘refused’ and the jury may decide, unquestionably, to it to another applicant. After the applicant accepts the scholarship, he/she will have a 10-day deadline to enroll the course for which the scholarship was granted; the student will then have to check with IED and the local Spanish or Italian consulates all the necessary documents and procedures in order to get a study visa.

Art. 4 – The Jury
4.1 The project evaluation will be conducted by a Jury made of 4 principals (or school representatives) of Design, Visual Communication, Fashion and Managment Schools. The evaluation will be made by the Jury judgment, unquestionably. The IED representatives may call the authors of the best projects for an interview. The Jury may decide unquestionably not to assign the scholarship for one or more courses, if the level of the project received for those program will be considered unsatisfactory.
It will be possible to vote the projects published online, just for statistical aims, until 30 days after the selection’s deadline.

Art. 5 – Presentation of the projects and Briefing:
5.1 Briefing and Description of the project:
The selection theme is: “My Reuse Design”, as described in section 3.
IED calls young creatives to develop ideas and projects describing ‘your reuse design’.
For each IED area a briefing has been defined.
Applicants must develop the theme related to the Master program area they wish to apply for; the choice of the element to design or describe depends on the course you chose and, when available, on the specialization you prefer.
In the section n. 5.4  you will find the technical details to present your project.

IED Design

Interior Design,Product Design,Design Experience, Interior for Commercial Spaces, Design Management, Diseño Sostenible de Producto – Innovación y gestión, Food Design in Italian, IED Roma, Visual Communication Experience, Yacht Design,Transportation Design in English, IED Torino, Advanced Design for Transportation, Sustainable Architecture, Master of European Design Labs, Master of Product Design Labs
Please adapt the project to the program of your choice, considering the below guidelines:
design a space, an exhibition, a shop, an office, a building (Interior Design, Interior for Commercial Spaces, Sustainable Architecture);

design a simple reuse solution idea (Design Experience);
design an object, a product (Product  Design, Diseno Sostenible de Producto, Food Design);
design a car, a byke, a yacht, a train (Transportation Design, Yacht Design);

create a reuse design solution or strategy (Design Management, European Design Labs).

All the proposed design elements must represent or being connected with ‘Your reuse Design’, your creative solution for a reuse problem.

IED Visual Communication

Web 2.0: diseño, comunicación, marketing y publicidad, European Master of Fine Arts Photography, Master of Interaction Design, Master of Videogame Design, Visual Communication Experience, Master of Communication Design Labs, Cartoon Animation, Graphic Design
Briefing: express yourself designing a visual communication tool, such as a promocard, a poster, a video, some illustration drawings, an interactive exhibition, some motion graphics, a photogallery, a videogame, a website, a 3D animation, a cartoon or other, depending on the course of your choice, which represents or characterizes your perception of the reuse concept, or justifies your feelings, or describes a reuse solution.
IED Fashion
Fashion Design, Fashion Communication, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Experience, Diseño de Moda, Diseño de Calzado y Complementos, Diseño de Vestuario de teatro cine ópera y audiovisuales, Luxury Marketing Management
Briefing for the Area of Fashion Design or Fashion Accessories Design: design a piece of clothing, a dress, some shoes, some fashion accessories or anything connected with Fashion based on a personal and creative reuse strategy.
Briefing for the Area of Fashion Communication: describe or create a trendy style or fashion image, or a public relation network which could be created starting from a reuse idea, inspired or not by an already existing fashion trend;
Briefing for Fashion Experience: design a simple reuse Fashion idea;
Briefing for the Area of Management: create a Fashion event or a marketing campaign connected with the reuse concept and aimed to an original reuse strategy.
IED Management
Brand Management and Communication, Brand Design, Master of Strategic Design Labs, Comunicazione per la Sostenibilità, New Media Communication, Design for Social Business Arts Management
Briefing: bring into expression your idea about reusing, creating a project related to the brand, an existing one or a completely new one (Brand Management and Communication, Brand Design);
express an innovative business idea, based on the reuse concept, linked to the social field (Design for Social Business), or showing your creative strategic thinking for reuse issues (Communication Design Labs, Strategic Design Labs); create an advertising or communication campaign about the theme of reusing or about one specific case of reusing, using all the new media tools (Direccion Estrategica y Creativa de Comunicacion y Publicidad, Comunicazione per la sostenibilità, New Media Communication); always try to express visually your ideas, presenting your project through images or videos.
Como Accademia Galli
MA Contemporary Arts: prepare a project about your idea of reuse linked to the contemporary arts world; it can be focused on painting, sculpture or any contemporary artistic expression.

5.2 Project submission
In order to participate to this scholarship selection it is compulsory to provide the below mentioned documents:

STEP I: Click here in order to fill in the entry card online for acceptance of the rules of the selection;
STEP II: Send by email to scholarships@ied.edu the following documents, project and portfolio (when required):

–  Detailed CV and motivation letter in the language of tuition of the Master program
Copy of the passport
Bachelor degree or a specialized three year diploma with transcript; for the Master programs in Design, this should be in the same area of the chosen Master program (Fashion, Design, Visual Communication or Management);
– Certificate of knowledge of language of tuition (TOEFL score 450 or IELTS mark  5.0 for English, or equivalent for Italian and Spanish)
– PROJECT: at least one picture, photo, video frame or drawing, which displays your idea in JPG, JPEG format, pdf or equivalent format, 1000 pixels minimum width, height of image as your project require (72dpi in file size up to 1mb); you can also send in alternative an audio or video file 60 seconds max length; please mention the program of your choice, the TITLE of the project and join a DESCRIPTION in this format, 30 lines maximum.

Portfolio (just for Master programs in Design, Design Management, Visual Communication and Fashion Design; the portfolio is not required for the Master programs of Design Experience, Fashion Experience, Visual Communication Experience and Management).

PORTFOLIO description for Master Programs in Design

It must include:

Thesis project with a short explanation (in English language) including abstract, research, sketches and computer works (2D and 3D), technical drawings and photos about physical models (if any);

University Project with a short explanation, (in English language) including abstract, research, sketches and computer works (2D and 3D), technical drawings and photos about physical models (if any);

A project developed during Professional Experience (optional).

The portfolio should be in pdf or equivalent format and not more than 10 megabytes (compulsory).

PORTFOLIO description for Master courses in Fashion

It must include a complete book with a brief explanation, in English language, with a minimum of 15 drawings (both pattern making and technical drawings with elements of materials and colors) and with images of final dresses.

The portfolio should be in pdf or equivalent format and not more than 10 megabytes (compulsory).

PORTFOLIO description for Master courses in Visual Communication

It must include your most relevant works of Graphic, Video, Animation (depending on the program of choice) and showing the softwares and techniques you are able to use; the portfolio should be in pdf or equivalent format and not more than 10 megabytes (compulsory).

The school, through a telephone interview, may also assess the level of language knowledge; please contact the scholarship office at scholarships@ied.edu for further information on this point.

5.3 Restrictions:
IED employees and consultants are not admitted to this selection.
Each candidate may take part in only one of the categories of the special project for only one course.
The candidates participating temporarily in other IED special project for scholarships can not participate into this award.
Art. 6 – Conditions and general Terms of Participation
In order to be published, projects should be presented in accordance to the terms described in section 5 of this regulation and must also include the identifying entry card attached. The projects without entry card will not be accepted. The entry card must be completed in all points including the full name, birth date, contacts, country of origin, previous studies, chosen course and city where the course will be held, the source of information (by whom you have been informed about IED). Candidates indicating as a source the Internet search engines or the IED website, the IED employees, will be considered as a direct contact of the school. Incomplete entry cards are not valid.
We remind once more that you can choose only one course and one city, so you can send only one entry card. The change of the course is not allowed once the participant is registered across the entry card. Please, evaluate carefully your choice before eventually submitting the entry card.
Incomplete projects, which do not meet the requirements, or which do not have the elements referred above, or which contain wrong or unreadable data, or sent after 23.59, 20th of September 2011 (Italian time), will not be considered valid. Once the participant has sent the project and passed the first step, the project cannot be modified or changed any more. The project and related documents should be sent in one email preferably.
The participants guarantee to follow the below indicated compulsory conditions for submission of the projects:
– The project must be created and realized only by the participant presenting it.
– The project must be original and cannot be subject of a copy or plagiarism.
– The project must not be under any property or royalty rights, or copyrighted.
– The projects cannot contain offensive, violent context against the human rights or dignity, otherwise such projects will be rejected.
The jury may, unquestionably, exclude from the selection any project that does not comply with the above terms.
IED does not assume any responsibility for conditions that are not imputable to it and that shall compromise the project remittance, such as: losses or delays due to electronic devices.
The applicants authorize the use of their personal data to be used in compliance to the law D.L. 196, dated June 30, 2003.
The material remitted by the applicants will not be returned and may be used freely by IED, without any economic charges; with the participation to the selection, the candidates accepts the publication of the project.
7. Disputes
Any eventual dispute will be sent to a unique judge nominated in accordance to both parties, or in case of disagreement, by the Chairperson of Milan’s Camera di Commercio, Industria e Artigianato. The conciliation without any judicial intervention will happen in Milan. The judge will decide 120 days after the dispute is opened. Both parties must be willing to fulfill the judge’s decision immediately.
7. Property and Right concerning projects and Images
The intellectual property rights of the project always pertain to the author.
The images of the project can be used by IED for promotional purposes concerning the selection, or the artist, in the promotional material for the selection or for any other artistic activity. With the participation to the selection, the author authorized IED to freely use the materials involved, with no economic charges, for a period of maximum five years.

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