Delhi Photo Festival 2013

Delhi Festival 2013 invites photographers and curators to submit works for consideration as print exhibitions, digital exhibitions, -based installations, multimedia & films on the theme of GRACE. The international photography festival takes place in New Delhi, India 27 September – 11 October. We also invite curators, collectives, communities & institutions to send us short proposals (by email) for talks, workshops, discussions and other events. We invite photo-practitioners and curators to submit works for consideration as print exhibitions, digital exhibitions, photo-based installations, multimedia & films. Last date for submissions is April 20, 2013.

Please read the guidelines below carefully before you submit your work.

For all enquiries / clarifications write to delhiphotofestival@nazarfoundation.org

You can also read Karan’s Blog Entry about the submission process.

Please Note:

  • Genre, gender, age & nationality are no bar.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • The Delhi Photo Festival is an international photography festival that features work from all around the world, about all parts of the world. Submitted work need not be India specific. Please take a look at the 2011 list of exhibitions to see the range of works featured in the last edition of the Festival.
  • Multimedia & film submissions can be made only through Offline Submissions process.


  1. The Delhi Photo Festival will only feature bodies of work such as photo-series, photo-projects, and photo-essays. More than one body of work can be submitted. Single images will not be accepted.
  2. Please ensure that you hold copyright, or have permission, to submit the work.
  3. Submissions for print exhibitions must be based on the theme of GRACE. Photo practitioners are encouraged to interpret the theme through their works in diverse and creative manners while making their submissions. GRACE is very open-ended and has associations with many words such as elegance, poise, finesse, suppleness, agility, nimbleness, light-footedness, courtesy, decency, (good) manners, politeness, decorum, respect, tact, dignify, distinguish, honor, favor, enhance, ennoble, glorify, elevate, aggrandize, adorn, embellish, decorate, ornament, beautify, prettify, enrich favor, approval, approbation, acceptance, esteem, regard, respect, goodwill, generosity, kindness, indulgence, formal benefaction, blessing, prayer of thanks, thanksgiving, benediction deferment, deferral, postponement, suspension, adjournment, delay, pause, respite, stay, moratorium, reprieve
  4. The festival theme, GRACE, applies only to the print exhibitions and photo-based installations. Digital exhibitions, multimedia & films need not adhere to the theme.
  5. Please fill a separate submission form for each body of work.
  6.  The submission should include the following .
    1.  A filled submission form as per the given format.
    2.     Visual support material in the form of low-resolution digital files.
  7. Submissions will not be returned. So please do not send originals or irreplaceable material.
  8. A jury, comprising of the Creative Directors of the Festival, will choose the works to be shown and decide on all programs.
  9. Submissions will not be the exclusive method for choosing works for the festival. The Creative Directors of the Festival will also solicit works directly from the artists.
  10. Last date for submissions is April 20, 2013. Chosen participants will be notified by email by June 1, 2013.
  11. Chosen participants for Print Exhibitions will need to submit camera-ready artwork or high resolution digital files suitable for printing by June 15, 2013.
  12. No fees will be paid to participants, exhibitors, presenters, curators, etc.
  13. After the Festival, prints can be returned to photographers if they either pick them up or pay for shipping costs. Otherwise the prints will be destroyed.
  14. The Delhi Photo Festival retains the right to publish photographs and text selected for the festival in promotional material relating to the festival, including websites, and a festival publication. Such content will not be used in any other form, unless specifically authorized by the artist.

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