Donkey Art Prize II – Contemporary Art Competition

Donkey Art Prize II - Contemporary Art CompetitionDeadline: February 15, 2012

Open to: all artists of visual arts without any boundaries of age, sex, nationality or

Blindonkey Cultural Association announces the opening of the first edition of the DonkeyArtPrize; a competition aimed at promoting modern and contemporary Art, developing an international community of artistic talent and discovering brand new artists. Each artist will be given the chance to expose their work in the DonkeyArtPrize circuit of events, and the winners will receive a cashprize award.
The prize has an extremely

FREE THEME and subject. It is divided into three sections: Painting, Digital Art and Video.

Each artist can participate with one work only, to one sections. The work must be recent, preferably made at last two years prior to the starting date of this competition. Groups of artist are not allowed. The first selection will be made by photos only. Do not send hard copies of your work. Please, no sculpture, no installation, no work composed by two or more images, no composition of many works, no collections, and no audio installation.


  • PAINTING Category: There is total technical and stylistic freedom (oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolor, graphite, pencil, collage, litography etc.) on whichever support (canvas, paper, wood, plastics, iron, etc ). The max dimensions allowed per each works are 200×200 cm, frame included and 25 kg of weight
  • PHOTOGRAPHY and DIGITAL ART Category: There is total technical and stylistic freedom, color and black/white, analogical photos, digital photos, polaroid, mobile photos etc. The image can also be totally made by computer or taken from other sources; like a painting, a photograph, collages, litography etc. Or from a digital drawing made by software using a mouse or a graphic tablet. The max dimensions allowed per piece are 180X180 cm.
  • Category: Any technique is allowed for film making, animation, video making etc. And you may choose any form of digital support. For online video subscription there is a blank space in the application form to write the link to your video (URL). That’s the easiest way! Maximum length is 10 minutes.

The last date to register for the 2nd edition of DonkeyArtPrize is the 15th of Febraury 2012. For applications sent via mail the date of the post mark must be no later than the deadline date.
The submission fee is €30 for each piece of work submitted, €35 via Paypal. It is non-refundable and it is set as an association fee.

There are two ways to enter the DonkeyArt prize:

  • Online, filling in the application form at www.donkeyartprize.com
  • sending pieces by post, delivered to the head office of the association: 127 Porta Nuova St, 37122 Verona, Italy. You must send the completed application form (downloadable a http://www.donkeyartprize.com , section “Apply”) and the following material: one picture ofyour work (maximum size A4) or a hard-drive copy; CD,DVD etc. And an indication on the back of your name, surname, country, email, the title of your work, the dimensions (base xheight), technique, year, competition category and a copy of your application fee payment.

The documents and the photos will not be given back.
We suggest the online registration, as it is faster and the verification of your data is more precise.
After the correct registration and verfication of payment, a conformation email will be sent to the artist. For the non-web registration the verification process is much longer.
If the documentation is partial, incomplete or the payment is missing, the work will not be considered.
The Organization suggests to apply for the Donkey Art Prize as soon as possible in order to avoid congestion of web traffic during last subscription days.
If you have any problems with the online registration, please be sure that your flash plug-in of your browser is updated by downloading the last version of flash player at the following URL: http://get.adobe.com/it/flashplayer/

Blindonkey really cares about giving an equal chance of winning to each participant; all votes of the jury are taken on anonymous base.
It is prohibited to insert personal data and information on the images and video sent, only artistic signature is allowed.
Do not send us your CV.

To take part in the first selection a payment of €35 is required.
It is not possible to pay at Blindonkey’s office; cash or checks are not accepted at any time.
It is also accepted to fill out the online application and pay through your bank if you do not have a paypal account. In this case you must send an email with a copy of the payment and personal data information to info @donkeyartprize.com.
For credit/debit card owners the best way to pay is following the online application and paying throug the Paypal secure website.

The payment of the application fee can be made:
· online by Pay Pal at http://www.donkeyartprize.com
· by bank transfer addressed to :
Intestatario: Blindonkey associazione culturale
by Banca Popolare di Verona agency of piazza Erbe”B”
IBAN code:
IT56 J 05188 11703 000000037908
Send your entry fee in Euro currency, without transfer fees or commissions payable by Blindonkey
on the reciept.
You must include the following details when bank transfers are made:
First and last name of the artist and which category you are entering the prize for.

The Prize is divided in three section:
Painting category, 5000 euros*
Photography Digital art category, 5000 euros*
Video category, 5000 euros*
One winner of each category will get a free accomodation in a four star hotel in Milan (Italy), for
the awarding ceremony and exhibition.
At the end of the competition, the jury will select 150 finalists, 50 each category, they will be invited to display their work in one of the galleries of the DonkeyArtPrize circuit in the period comprised between April and July 2012 in the cities of Milan, London, New York, Shanghai and Sao Paulo.**
The work of the three winners will be displayed in all the galleries of the circuit.
At the end of the competition, Blindonkey cultural association will decide, dealing with the organisation contest, the destination where all the work will be displayed.
The pictures of the 150 finalist work will be published at the DonkeyArtPrize official websites with the photos of the ceremony and parties.
All the finalists and winners will be contacted by email from Blindonkey Cultural Association.
The 50 selected for the will be published on the Donkey Art Prize’s channel on www.youtube.com with a link to the competition.
The awarded artists have the possibility to renounce the prize, but will not be refunded, in that case the Prize will be re-assigned according with the ranking established by the jury.
(*) gross, 20% taxes on the prize
(**) Location and dates may be changed according with organization’s requirement.

The great new section of the second edition of the Donkey art Prize is the t-shirt contest.
Each artist, will join temporarily a T-shirt design contest in which the best images will be selected by a special jury of experts*, printed on t-shirt and distribuited during all the Blindonkey’s events.
*Details regarding the T-shirt contest will be given further

The jury will select the winners and finalists with majority democratic criteria, based on originality, expression, innovation and technique of the artist.

The jurors are:
Moratti Andrea – Ass. Blindonkey
Pimazzoni Andrea – Ass. Blindonkey
Delaini Cesare – Ass. Blindonkey
Masha Facchini – Curator Ita
Antonio Cossu – Collector Ita
Leeni Ojaniemi – Curator UK
Enrico Fracca – freelance director Ita
Angeles Moreno – Designer Mex
Roberto Cecchini – Accademy Cignaroli ita
Tombola Carlo – Accademy Brera Ita
Bovo Elisabetta – Critic Ita
Balestrini Massimo – Accademy Cignaroli Ita
The decision made by the jury are final, irrevocable, and not open to appeal.
The artists are not allowed to contact member of jury untill the selection is published on the

The works remain property of the artist. Personal exhibitions will be comprehensive of arrangement, opening and press releases. Blindonkey cultural association will take care of the arrangement, organisation and advertisement on the exhibitions. Each artist will take care of the round-trip transportation costs and of any insurance to the assigned gallery.
The exact address of the location of the show will be published at a nearer date on the website and social networks.
The organisation, whilst assuring the greatest care when in custody of the works, refuses all responsibility in cases of theft, fire or any damages to whichever works or person that could occur during the events and transportation.
Any insurance request will be supported by the Artists. Each Artist must keep him or herself informed about the developments of the Prize, that will be constantly published at www.donkeyartprize.com. The organization will send its mailing list all the important communication details. So please add info@donkeyartprize.com and noreply@donkeyartprize.com to your list of contacts to be sure of receiving all the comunication details on time. We ask all the Artists to give the organisation their real email address and to read daily the post in case of winning.

By ticking online Donkey art prize conditions at the end of the Application Form at the www.donkeyartprize.com or signing the application form (the latter if prize submissions are made by post), artists accept all that these Terms & Conditions contained, unconditionally.
Artists allow the Blindonkey cultural association the right to use images of those art works submitted, to create the prize media, to use in the archives and websites, and in any form of communication chosen by the Organization and all the people related to the Organization.
The fact that the work has been selected by Blindonkey doesn’t give the right to be exposed. Whether the artwork would not correspond exactly to the image submitted in the first part of the competition, it wont be accepted.
The competition is run exclusively through the member of the cultural association. The payment of the association fee does not give the right to any commercial use.
All photographic material, CDs, DVDs, CVs and any texts or catalogues submitted for the prize will not be returned, but archived by the Organization.
Those persons who upload text, images, or videos onto the prize website, and/or those persons who upload on behalf of participating artists, are personally responsible for the texts and for the visual content of the uploaded images. The Organization reserves the right to remove any defamatory images or texts, he considers defamatory, unless these are motivated in writing by the artist.
Applicants to the prize authorise expressively the Blindonkey cultural association and all those persons charged with working for them to handle personal data and images of creative work submitted to DonkeyArtPrize, according to Italian Law – Legge 675/96 (the so-called ‘Privacy Law’) and successive amendments to it, D.lgs 196/2003 (Codice Privacy), for the purposes of insertion of information in databases and website. Any controversies will be argued and settled in the Italian legal forum. Personal data, images of creative work, or films and videos taken by the Organization during the course of any event organised by Blindonkey, might be used by the Organization to promote artists, other contemporary art events, web promotion, communications, and marketing without necessarily seeking another written consent from third patrties or payment of copyright.
All the artworks will remain the propriety of the Artists. Each Gallery will agree with the Artists the rate of the commission on the eventual selling price. Blindonkey will take care of the arrangement of a virtual gallery at www.donkeyartprize.com where will be exposed all pictures of each finalist artist’s artworks In case of buyer Blindonkey has the right to make a negotiation based on the value stablished by the artist, and to give the 70% of the value to the artist.
Blindonkey cultural association retains the right to change the regulation, terms and conditions at any time without giving any comunication.
Blindonkey also suggest to follow the development of the prize and the general comunications also in the Organization’s pages on social networks as facebook and twitter:

The Donkey Art Prize 2nd edition is organized by
BLINDONKEY cultural association
c.f. 03921350231
Porta Nuova st. 127, 37122 Verona

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:

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