Emdash Award 2013

Applications for the are now open. The Emdash Award returns to Frieze London for the third consecutive year in 2013 as part of the acclaimed Frieze Projects programme. The award is open to artists living outside of the UK, up to five years from graduating from an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or under 35 years of age. Frieze Projects is a programme of site-specific commisions shown at Frieze London each year. Produced by Frieze Foundation, The Emdash Award is supported by the Emdash Foundation and presented in collaboration with Gasworks. The recipient of the award will have the unique opportunity to present their work at Frieze London 2013 to a significant international audience. The closing date is 16 January 2013.

The winner of the 2012 Emdash Award was Cecile B. Evans, whose work ‘This Is Your Audio Guide’ was launched at Frieze London 2012.

The audio guide was lead by a host, who also appeared as a hologram throughout the fair. Evans intended for the work to be an interruption, offering perspectives on art that compete with the way it is typically described in a fair environment.

What is the Emdash Award?

The Emdash Award for emerging artists living outside the UK is a major initiative by Frieze Foundation in collaboration with Gasworks and supported by the Emdash Foundation.

Artists are invited to propose a new work to be realised at Frieze London, the work will be produced under the auspices of Frieze Projects. Projects may take the form of site-specific installation; ; film; or .

Applications to the Emdash Award can be submitted online only. The closing date is 16 January 2013.

The Emdash Award includes:

  • A three-month residency at Gasworks from August to October 2013 including accommodation, per diems and travel expenses
  • Project production costs of up to £10,000
  • An artist’s fee of £1,000

The Emdash Award is open to non-UK-based artists within five years of graduating from an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, or under 35 years of age.

Gasworks is a contemporary arts organisation in South London housing 12 artists’ studios and presenting a programme of exhibitions, residencies, international fellowships and educational projects.

The Emdash Foundation is an organisation that aims to encourage and enable the ideas of the future, from artistic and cultural projects to scientific research. Founded by Andrea Dibelius in 2010, Emdash’s activities are motivated by philanthropy, a commitment to supporting new ideas and emerging talent and a love for the arts. The Emdash Foundation supports Frieze Projects and the Emdash Award.

  1. How to Apply
  2. Application

All applicants must complete the online application form and include a proposal for the work they wish to produce at Frieze London 2013. All applicants must also submit a brief statement on their work and the relevant supporting visual material.


Online Application Form

  • How do I fill in the form?

Visit the online application form. Fill in your contact and education details on the first page. As you complete each page you can click through to the following page.

You can save your application and return to it later. When you close the form you will be emailed a link back to your application.
Please complete all sections as incomplete applications will not be considered.

When you have completed the form, please click the ‘submit’ button on the final page.

What information should the proposal include?

The proposal should describe the work, the thought behind it and the production process, but should not exceed 300 words. Please include information about the physical description of the work to help the panel to visualize it.

What other factors should I bear in mind for the proposal?

Proposals should indicate that the applicant understands that the art fair is an environment distinct from a traditional gallery based exhibition format.

It is not advisable to propose a work that could be presented at a gallery stand.

Proposed projects should respond to the art fair context and the particular dynamic of the event itself. The project’s conception should pay close attention to the unique temporal, spatial and conceptual particularities of this event and its audience.

Site-specific installations or sculptures should be able to be realized in the limited physical production time available.

Film and video proposals should distinguish whether they are to be presented in a cinema screening format or as an installation.

  • What is the budget?

The chosen project must be realisable within the £10,000 production budget, and applicants should ensure that everything from research and construction to presentation and staffing have been considered, and are feasible within this budget.

  • Can I propose an existing work?

No. Please note that we are looking specifically for proposals of new work and will not accept proposals for exhibiting existing artwork.

  • Should the proposed work be tailored to a gallery stand or a public space?

Although the proposed work may utilize the format of a gallery stand, the aim of the Emdash Award is to encourage artists to consider the specific context of Frieze London and its public zones: the public thoroughfares, the auditorium, the cinema as well as the surrounding park and off site venues. Bespoke space can be made available for the project within the fair but this should not follow the format of a gallery stand.

  • Will work in all media be considered?

Proposals for work in all media will be considered, however, all proposals must respond to the specific nature of Frieze London. This means that some media, such as site-specific installation, performance, film and video and print publications, may be more suitable than others.

  • Will online work be considered?

Proposals for online works will be considered but the applicant must demonstrate how the work is relevant to the particular context of the fair and how it would be presented. Proposals for online works may be supported by web links to examples of previous online works (but not documentation).

  • Will off-site works and events be considered?

Proposals for off-site work and events will be considered.

What information should the artist’s statement include?

The statement should describe the artist’s work to date but should not exceed 300 words.

  • Is there an application fee?

There is no fee to apply to the Emdash Award.

What is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications is 16 January 2013 and all applications should be submitted by this date at the latest.

Is the application deadline negotiable?

The application deadline must be adhered to and extensions will not be granted.

How should applications be submitted?

Applications may only be submitted online.

Can I send an application by email or post?

No, only applications submitted online will be accepted.

Can an applicant submit more than one proposal?

Each applicant can submit a maximum of one proposal. If more than one proposal is submitted, the most complete will be considered eligible and the other(s) will be discarded.

  • Will applicants be sent confirmation that their application has been received?

All applicants will receive confirmation that their proposal has been received by May 2013.

Supporting Visual Material:

Applicants should include documentation of up to five previous works. If possible, please include one or two illustrations/sketches of the proposed work to give the panel a clearer impression of the project.

Alternatively, links to moving image works online can also be listed on the application form.

How should supporting material be submitted?

Please note, digital images must be uploaded to the online application form, only digital video work on DVD should be sent by post.
Digital images should be uploaded to the online application form. There is a section for images of previous works and a separate section for proposal images. Please make sure that images are saved as JPGs no larger than 960 pixels wide and 720 pixels high, at a resolution of 72 dpi. Each file size should not exceed 100Kb.

DVDs should be formatted for region 2 as PAL and sent to the address below. DVDs should clearly labelled with the name of the applicant and the number of works on each disk. Works more than 5 minutes long should be shortened for viewing. As DVDs cannot be returned please submit duplicate copies rather than original work.

Where should DVDs be sent?

DVDs submitted as supporting visual material should be sent to:

The Emdash Award
Frieze Foundation
1 Montclare Street
E2 7EU

Can additional material be included in the application?

Due to the large number of applications expected, only images and video excerpts may be included as supporting material. Additional material such as catalogues and press cuttings will not be viewed and should not be sent.


The Emdash Award is open to artists of any age, living outside the UK, up to 5 years from graduating from undergraduate or postgraduate degree or under 35 years of age. Students in full or part time education at the time of application are not eligible for the award.

Are British artists living outside the UK eligible for the award?

The award is open to British artists who are officially resident outside the UK.

Are foreign artists living in the UK eligible for the award?

No, the award is only open to artists living outside the UK.

Are students who graduated from an undergraduate or postgraduate degree less than 5 years ago but are currently in part time education eligible to apply?

Students in full- or part-time education, including PhD students, are not eligible for the award. All qualifications must have been completed at the time of application.

Do applicants have to have completed a degree in art?

Applicants do not have to have completed a degree in an art-based subject.

Are artists working collaboratively eligible to apply?

Artists working as a pair or a group on a regular basis are eligible for the award. The exhibition history, bibliography and supporting visual material included in the application should be based on collaborative work alone as opposed to the work of the individuals involved. The lead contact should list their full name and details within ‘Contact Details’ and further information on the group and its members should be listed within the Statement.
Collaborative groups are only eligible if at least half of the individuals involved are within 5 years of graduating from an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or are under 35 years of age, and are based outside the UK.

Selection Procedure

The selection will be based on the extent to which the proposed project is:

  • Innovative in nature
  • Realisable at Frieze London
  • In step with the applicant’s ongoing practice.

Proposals should take into account the unique temporal, spatial and conceptual dynamics of Frieze London as a context to realize a piece of work.

Is there a schedule for the application and selection procedure?

16 January 2013 Application closing date
May 2013 Receipt of applications acknowledged
May 2013 Successful candidate announced
1 August 2013 Residency begins
14 October 2013 Installation of project at Frieze London begins
17 October 2013 Frieze London opens
20 October 2013 Frieze London closes
31 October 2013 Residency ends

Who are the selection committee?

The selection committee includes a representative from Frieze Foundation, Emdash Foundation, Gasworks, and an artist.

Is the selection panel’s final decision negotiable?

All decisions are final. We are unable to enter into correspondence with individuals regarding the outcome of their application.

Will receipt of applications be acknowledged?

All applications will be acknowledged by email by May 2013.

Who should be contacted if there are queries regarding the application?

Read through the ‘How to Apply’ and ‘Further Information’ sections. If the query is not answered email enquiries may be sent to: foundation@frieze.com. Due to the large number of applications expected, telephone enquiries will not be accepted.

Further information

The Emdash Award for emerging artists is a major initiative by Frieze Foundation in collaboration with Gasworks and sponsored by Emdash Foundation.

When was the Award established?

The Emdash Award was established in 2011 and replaced The Cartier Award.

Are travel costs for the successful applicant included in the award?

Travel costs to and from the residency are in addition to the production costs for the award.

Is there a per diem or subsistence allowance for the successful applicant?

A stipend of approximately £150 per week for daily expenses plus £25 per week for local travel during the 3-month residency is included in the award.

When will the residency take place?

The residency will start on the 1 August 2013 and end on the 31 October 2013 and will lead to the production of the proposed project at Frieze London which takes place from the 17–20 October 2013.

Is the timing of the residency negotiable?

The timing and duration of the residency is fixed.

What will happen to site specific work after Frieze London?

Due to the temporary nature of the event, all site-specific installation work is dismantled after the fair.

Who will take ownership of the work produced?

All work produced at the fair and during the residency at Gasworks will remain the property of the artist. If the work realised at Frieze London is sold, all production costs must be reimbursed. This agreement will be clarified in the artist’s contract.

How will the successful project be publicized?

The project commissioned for Frieze London will be publicized along with the other Frieze Projects in all relevant print, press and publicity material. The successful applicant’s involvement in publicity is expected but not obligatory.

rieze London & Frieze Projects

What is Frieze London?

Frieze London is a commercial art fair featuring more than 170 of the most exciting contemporary art galleries in the world.

Where is Frieze London?

Frieze London takes place each October in a temporary structure in Regent’s Park, a central location within easy reach of London’s West End.

Who comes to Frieze London?

Frieze London attracts more 60,000 visitors each year from around the world. Visitors range from collectors, critics, curators and artists with a specialized interest or professional knowledge to members of the general public – with an interest in contemporary art. The event attracts a wide national and international audience.

What are Frieze Projects?

Frieze Projects provide a unique, high profile, commissioning opportunity for artists to realize an ambitious new work at a significant point in their careers. The artists are able to develop and present new work in an event context closer to a biennial or festival than the traditional museum or gallery format. The fair organisers have made innovative decisions regarding the fair environment – situating it in a temporary structure in a park designed by an architect, and with the artists’ commissions as an intrinsic feature. As a result, the atmosphere is highly energetic and the audience an engaged one.

Artists are invited to treat the art fair as a site of production and involve themselves in the physical and conceptual framework of the fair. In previous years the commissions have ranged from site-specific installations to impromptu performances and print publications distributed to visitors. Many of the commissions have been event-based or involved the audience directly.

Frieze Projects is supported by the Emdash Foundation.

Where do Frieze Projects take place?

Frieze Projects are realized annually in and around Frieze London. The commissions take place in the public zones of the fair and in the specially constructed auditorium. Some commissions also enter into the surrounding park and off-site venues.

Who produces Frieze Projects?

Frieze Projects run alongside Frieze Talks, Frieze Film and Frieze Education, which are commissioned and produced by Frieze Foundation.

What is Frieze Foundation?

Frieze Foundation is a not-for-profit company supported by the Emdash Foundation and Arts Council England.

Frieze Foundation aims to encourage critical debate and broaden the public’s interest in contemporary visual art and offer artists the opportunity to realize an ambitious new work at a significant point in their careers.

Who runs Frieze Foundation?

Amanda Sharp and Matthew Slotover are the Directors of Frieze Foundation, Frieze London and publishing directors offrieze magazine, act as advisors to the programme.

What is the relationship between Frieze Foundation, Frieze London and frieze magazine?

Frieze Foundation shares the same office and many of the same administrative staff as Frieze London and friezemagazine. Each organisation is run separately as its own distinct company.

What is Emdash?

The Emdash Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to promoting new ideas across disciplines, from artistic and cultural projects to scientific research. Founded by Andrea Dibelius in 2010, Emdash’s activities are motivated by philanthropy, a commitment to supporting new ideas and emerging talent and a love for the arts. As its first project the Emdash Foundation is supporting Frieze Projects and launching the Emdash Award.  Emdash’s support of Frieze Foundation is the starting point of its commitment to promoting new ideas and supporting the arts.  For more information on the Emdash Foundation please visit emdashfoundation.com

What is Gasworks?

Gasworks is a contemporary arts organisation in South London housing 12 artists’ studios and presenting a programme of exhibitions, residencies, international fellowships and educational projects. Nine studios are rented to London based artists and three are reserved for an International Residency Programme for non-UK based artists. Since 1994 Gasworks Residency Programme has worked with over 150 artists from over 60 countries worldwide.

Gasworks is part of the Triangle Arts Trust’s international network of artists and organisations.

For more information visit gasworks.org.uk

 Web: http://emdash.friezeartfair.com/

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