“Fare Play” – Video Competition by Southwest Airlines

Fare Play - Video Competition by Southwest AirlinesDeadline: 13 September 2011

Open to: International

For too long, Customers have been wronged by other airlines who charge unreasonable, and in some cases, made up fees. In 2010 alone, travelers paid out $1.7 billion on change fees and over $2 billion on bag fees. It’s time that other airlines get called out for unjustly penalizing the Customer!

This fall, will demonstrate how they tirelessly enforce the rules when their competitors charge unfair fees. The rules of are simple and unyielding – always do right by the Customer. These rules are lived out through legendary customer service, consistently low fares, and by taking a leadership position in the industry by not charging unreasonable bag or change fees. Because of this, only Southwest has the authority to make the call when other airlines break the rules.

Your mission will be to create a video that shows how Southwest Airlines enforces “Fare Play” on behalf of the Customer who has been wronged by the other airlines. Your video should be sports themed, :30-:60 seconds and should generate a belly laugh or two.

Guaranteed 1 purchase of $7,500 and $1,500 in cash awards.

Fees: –

As always, read the creative brief and Assignment Guidelines (located in the asset tray) carefully. There are really important details that you will need to be aware of before you start shooting your video.

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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