Goldenbridge – Social AD Awards, Istanbul

Goldenbridge - Social AD Awards, IstanbulDeadline: 15 September 2011

Open to: international

GOLDENBRIDGE Istanbul Social Ad Awards is an international contest which aims to appraise the “social ads and corporate social esponsibility campaigns” all around the world, starting from 2011.

GOLDENBRIDGE ISAA, being the only in the whole world, is an organization of that meant to keep the powerful ads constantly on the agenda and to reward them.

Social benefits of GOLDENBRIDGE ISAA

Social ads do warn us on the issues, which we do not pay much attention during the daily routine. They inform people on what is bad and good for a better world and they direct people to the good. That is why social ads are of crucial importance.

GOLDENBRIDGE ISAA is the only contest on earth where social ads take part in. For this reason, this contest has a privileged content in comparison with other commercial contests.

Through GOLDENBRIDGE ISAA we aim at:

  • Increasing the number of social ads and uncover the problems in the world,
  • Providing a sound ground for the institutions to inform others in a much more efficient way through social ads,
  • Directing advertising specialists to social ads by letting them apply their creative skills in the field of social ads.

Keeping the social ads on agenda with our participants will be the best service we can do for the world.

GOLDENBRIDGE ISAA will be organized in September 2011.

All entries must have been published, executed and aired within the 1st of January and the 31st of December 2010. As this year will be the very first of the contest, the ads and campaigns of 2009 and 2010 will be evaluated.

As for the student contest, the brief will be shared by GOLDENBRIDGE ISAA team on the official web site in August 2011 and the participants will be expected to send their social projects until September 15th, 2011. All work must be entered online at www.goldenbridgeistanbul.org. All the information regarding entry registration, format requirements and payment will be detailed on the website.

The evaluations will be made by the International Jury of GOLDENBRIDGE ISAA in September 2011.

The international jury of GOLDENBRIDGE ISAA consists of 7 members.

A professional team assigned by Turkish Ad Creatives Association manages the GOLDENBRIDGE ISAA project.

Chairman: İlyas Başsoy / President of RYD
Vice President: Bülent Fidan / Board Member of RYD

GOLDENBRIDGE Management Team:
Project Director: Ebru Pala
Project Management Team: Nilay Güngör, Uğur Mehter
Project Consultants: Ali Gökçe Ertan, İsmail Baydar, Fadile Paksoy, Demir Karpat Polat, Cahit Işık, Emre Pusat

Bernard Kouchner (Chairman)
Andreas Ullenius (Akestam Holst – Sweden)
KB Vinod (Mudra Communications – India)
Geoffey Hantson (Duval Guillaume – Belgium)
Brent Singer (Network BBDO – South Africa)
Marcos Mederios (Allmap BBDO – Brasil)
Demir Karpat Polat (DDB&Co – İstanbul)

GOLDENBRIDGE Museum is a joint activity of Committee and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
The objective is to exhibit the top ranking works of the contest, which will be preserved in an e-museum afterwards.
Thus, the archive of the social ads will be accessible to all citizens of Istanbul and to those who are interested. This project will also enable a chronological archive of the social events of the world.

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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