Guasch Coranty International Painting Prize 2012

Guasch Coranty International Painting Prize 2012Deadline: 25 November 2011

Open to: all professional artists under 40 years old who have completed studies in Fine Arts colleges, faculties or equivalent in any country, without restrictions of nationality or residence, with the aim of promoting artistic creativity, understood as an activity open to and techniques.

First Prize worth 25.000 € which cannot be divided or declared void and two prizes worth 8.000 € each.
The awarding of prizes by the Jury is final

The Jury will be composed by professionals and artists internationally recognized from the world of art.

Participants must submit, in a first phase, the following documents:

a) Form attached to these rules, completed and signed, which can also be found at the website of the Foundation: http://www.guaschcoranty.com/

b) A printed photographic image, approximately 18 x 24 cm, of the work presented with its technical details (title, year, technical details and sizes), a brief description and assembly instructions where appropriate. You can submit files in CD or DVD formats if needed.

This work must have been completed in the last two years and must not have been awarded or selected in any previous competition and can not exceed its maximum 200cm in length.

c) Curriculum vitae stating personal data, center/faculty and country where the candidate studied Fine Arts including a photocopy of the title and the artist’s professional career.

d) Kit form (not digital) with reproductions of works during the last four years.

Among the dossiers, the jury will select artists they consider most appropriate, evaluating the trajectory and quality of work in relation to the languages ​​of contemporary art.

The list of those selected will be published on the website and will be notified individually by e-mail.

Once notified the decision of the Jury, the selected artists will present at the indicated time, the original work and compete as contained in the dossier, receiving a of 500 €.

Sending, packaging, insurance and transportation of the work will be responsibility of the participants.

The selected works must be properly packaged and the packaging must be reusable.

Among these works, the Jury will award the prizes.

The awards will be announced on the website of the Foundation and awarded artists will receive an individual notification by e-mail.

The Foundation is committed to organize an exhibition of all selected works, delivering the awards at the opening ceremony.


– Delivery of the dossier and form: from 14th to 25th November 2011.
– Selection of portfolios by Jury: January 2011.
– Notification to selected candidates: February 2012
– Delivery of selected works: 8 to 19 March 2012.
– Notification of awards: April 2012.

Applications, documentation and selected works where appropriate, to be delivered to candidates by mail or in person at the headquarters of the Foundation:

Fundació Guasch Coranty  •  Pau Gargallo, 4 (2nd floor)  •  E-08028 Barcelona
Tel. +34 934 034 066  •  E-mail: fguasch@ub.edu
Hours: Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 12:00 and 16:00 to 18:00, and Friday from 10:00 to 12:00.

Participants who have not been selected may collect their dossiers from the Foundation during the month of February 2012. After this time, the Foundation will not be responsible for the conservation of the dossiers.

The dossiers of the authors of selected works will not be returned; they will become part of the archives of the Foundation.

After the exhibition, the Foundation will manage the return of the works and will finance the cost of return transportation. The Foundation will ensure the integrity of the works, but will not be responsible for any damages that may arise from their handling and transportation.
The awarded works will remain as property of the Foundation.

The participants must accept these rules and the decisions of the Jury.
The Board of Trustees will clarify any doubt about the interpretation of these rules.

ensures that the data received from any candidates will be treated according to the law of the Data Protection Act. Users registered in the files of the Foundation Guasch Coranty can exercise their rights of access, modification, cancellation and opposition of their data. They must exercise their right in writing.

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:




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