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iF communication design awardSince its introduction in the year 2004, the iF communication design award has been among the top national and international awards. Those who are successful here, have delivered an outstanding piece of communication design.

New in 2012: the category “game art” brings computer games into play.

Whether it’s a commercial or a business report, a game or a website, a trade fair booth or an interface: the iF communication design award has the right category for all areas of communication design. Traditionally, advertising agencies, communication designers and their clients, manufacturers, designers, architects and interior architects as well as makers and publishers of computer games participate in this award: being honored with the iF label is simply the best advertisement.

The iF communication design award recognizes the design quality of all types of communications media including commercials, publications, campaigns, annual reports, websites and consumer products such as computer games that meet the criteria of the award. Designers (art, graphics, animation and motion), agencies, companies, architects, interior designers, communication designers, makers and publishers of computer games are eligible to submit as many entries as they want for consideration for an award.

To do justice to the full-spectrum of entries, the iF communication design award is divided into six categories.

Entries submitted in the categories of ’01. digital media’, ’02. product interfaces’ and ’03. print media’ must have been published by the time of the awards ceremony, but must not be older than two years at the time of registration. Entries in the categories of ’04. crossmedia’ and ’05.corporate architecture’ must reflect some focal point not older than two years, even if development work began at some earlier point in time.

Entries in the 06. game art category must be implemented and be available in the awards year, either in the retail sector, on the Internet or as an application. However, they must not be older than two years at the time of registration. For entries that fall into the subcategory 06.05 (created as parts of exhibitions or as installations in a cultural or commercial institution), the same conditions apply: in the awards year they must have been publicly available and functional but must not be older than two years.

Information on your participation iF communication design award 2012  (PDF)


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