International Dance Festival 2012 -Short dance productions are wanted

International Dance Festival 2012 -Short dance productions are wantedExtended Deadline: 20 November 2011

Open to: international


“Working on the basis of an open competition system”

New, short dance productions are wanted!
4-8. January 2012.

Our Festival gives opportunity for individual dancers and dance groups to realise their artistic concepts and through this event they will get a feedback that they can use for developing themselves. Continuing the traditions of the previous festivals, we would like to keep at our goals that apart from some regulations the dance groups can perform their shows without restrictions. All the performances will be evaluated by a professional jury and the audience.

About the Festival

The competition program of the Festival can receive 20 solo and 20 to avoid overstressing the jury and the audience. We want to ensure the possibility for everyone to perform regardless of the large number of perspective participants, SzoloDuo Festival is also going to be completed with nomination-rounds. The nomination rounds will be held in three different countries.

The festival can not host performances in which there is no intention for a unique presentation, which means that improvisations without any structure, or a choreography that was performed before will not be accepted.

The arrival date of the Application form, and youtube link of the DVD, registration fee!
(If the applicant wants to perform his /her show live in the Hungarian nomination-round is welcome but his/her trip is self-financed.)

Conditions for Application
The appliers who won the solo or duo dance production in the previous year’s festival, they go into the competitive program automatically.

Polish applicants shall turn to to apply.
Applicants living in Germany, The Netherlands and Luxemburg shall apply at .

This year we would like to emphasize the professional evaluation of each performance.
The sequence of the performances will be decided by chance.

We will ensure the same light technique and the same time-extent for the stage rehearsal for all the participants of the Festival. The technical rider see later.

You can apply to the Festival with short solo or duo under the following conditions:

For the dance performance, as a uniform, unique creation, the festival gives the premier (re-choreography of already existing pieces is only possible, if the result is a new, uniform production).

Applicants must be at least 16 years old.

The length of a solo performance can not be more than 6 minutes (best lenght: 4min)
and no more than 9 minutes (best lenght: 6min) in the case of duo performances.
Overrunning these time limits cause automatically disqualification of the participant.

Tools or instruments can be used in the performances but only if their installation can not take more than 30 seconds previous to the performance.
Tools (candles, water, dye) that can damage or soil the stage floor are forbidden to use.

One choreographer or performer just can apply with one solo and one duo production maximum.

Present a complete registration material before deadline, which includes:
– Filled registration form
– Confirmation of paid registration fee
– Link of the video (in case of DVD nomination)
– Press-quality picture

The application data cannot be changed.

The foundation can give supported accommodation to 20 foreign participants, but can not pay the travelling and the catering costs.

Registration fee
Applicant with video recording: 30 Euro /application

Applicant taking part in the Polish Nomination round should inform themselves about the actual application fee at: http://www.eferte.pl

Applicant taking part in the German nominaton round should inform themselves about the actual application fee at: http://www.barnescrossing.de

e-mail: szoloduo@mozdulatmuveszet.hu

Address: Titkársága, H-1097 Budapest, Tagló u. 11-13.

Application form needs to be filled in on the website. The attachments (photos in jpg format) should be sent via e-mail to szoloduo@mozdulatmuveszet.hu. The mail’s subject must be “the title of the performance – your name”. (e.g.: blooming_little_mary)

Nomination round

All of the nomination round / semi-festival are opened for the audience. The professional jury is going to valuate these as workshop presentations based on the criteria basis available.

German Nomination round
Applicants living in Germany, The Netherlands and Luxemburg shall apply at Barnes Crossing at http://www.barnescrossing.de
4-5. November 2011.

Polish Nomination round
Applicants from Poland shall apply through Eferte Dance Development Foundation at http://www.eferte.
November 2011.

Hungarian Nomination round
For the Hungarian and Slovakian, Czech, etc. participants the nomination round will be held in the Mozdulatművészeti Stúdió () in Budapest. 18. November 2011 We ensure rehearsal place for the applicants. For the pre-round applicants we offer accommodation in the Studio (in own sleeping bag). For Studio accommodation please apply via mail under szoloduo@mozdulatmuveszet.hu

Nomination Round for every other
For applicants, not able to participate at any pre-nomination rounds, the organizers held video-nomination. The jury nominate with the following terms: Share the video: upload a HD quality video on the youtube and share the link Other terms: The video should introduce the piece the way, that the jury can be familiar and adjudge it (for example a shot in a rehearasal room) All other conditions are the same, like the traditional way, so the application form should be filled and registration fee paid.
Application deadline – the video must be arrived until
15. November 2011.

Body_Dance_Picture – One-minute dance films
Deadline (the films have to arrive till this date):
20th November 2011

Applicants may apply for free rehearsal oppotunity if needed.

“Open platform for short choreographical pieces”

Cirterial basis of the jury’s estimation 1.


Quality of FOCUS
spatial-awareness (is the performer consciuous about space)
audience-awareness (is the performer conscious about audience)

Quality of STRUCTURE
composition skills (choreography, quality of movement skills, choice of music)
musicality within movement
dramaturgy: quality of the meaning, (the message)

use of costume, mask or make-up, objects, etc.
use of lighting, and, if relevant, projection (video or slides)
creation of the space (dressing of the space)

just for duet!

Cirterial basis of the jury’s estimation 2.

Starting point
Quality of the idea
Personal discovery

Qualitiy of the research and discovery
Presency, honesty during the process
Quality of meaning

Ability to find the equipments
Choosing the elements
Coherency between the elements
Composition skills (choreography, quality of movement skills, choice of music)
Quality of Visualisation
Spatial-awareness (is the performer consciuous about space)

Stage exsistance
Qualitiy of interaction between the performers
Audience-awareness (is the performer conscious about audience)

In 2005 Ide van Heiningen together with the collaborates of the Orkesztika Alapítvány(Gaál Mariann, Fenyves Márk, Pálosi István, Tariska Andrea) worked out a new criterial basis for the jury of the festival. In 2007-ben Eva Blazickova, Anna Piotrowska, Gaál Mariann és Fenyves Márk developed this basis, in order to the jury can give the highest quality of professional backup to each and every participating dance artist.

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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