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International Performing Arts Exchange  The Danish Arts AgencyDeadline: 15 September 2011

Open to: International, , stages or persons

for guest performances and network-building within the field of .

Purpose of the program

The supports the exchange of and their productions.

How your application will be evaluated

In the evaluation of your application, emphasis will be placed on supporting:

  • Foreign guest (typically, grants for living expenses and domestic transportation) The selected guest performances from abroad must, among other things, constitute an alternative to the Danish theatre scene and help inspire artists and audiences alike, as well as increase familiarity with . In distributing support for guest performances in Denmark, the committee will try to accommodate the need for guest performances throughout the entire country.
  • Danish guest performances abroad (typically, grants for travel expenses) Danish guest performances abroad must present and help spread familiarity with Danish performing arts.
  • Other international activities, for example, network-building, participation in conferences and meetings for artists, producers, managers, and other key persons.

In addition, the committee will focus on:

  • Quality – Artistic quality will be the starting point for the art and artists that are to be presented internationally.
  • Outside interest – A precondition for support for sending Danish artists, productions and cultural projects abroad is that there is a relevant interest and demand in the recipient country.Focus – Resources must be concentrated. There are insufficient funds to support a presence everywhere.
  • Reciprocity – Reciprocity in cultural exchanges is important to ensure that Danish art gets to the right places around the world – and it can help develop Danish cultural life.
  • Network-building – the great potential for networking that exists in Danish cultural institutions must be better exploited.
  • Flexibility – There must be flexibility in planning and in the support system.
  • Simplicity – There must be easy access to information, support opportunities, and collaborative partners.
  • Marketing – The marketing aspects of cultural exchange must be prioritized.
  • Follow-up – It is important to follow up on the artistic and cultural projects that are realized abroad.

Support will not be granted to:

  • teaching
  • workshop participation for individuals
  • personal education
  • activities held or begun prior to the application deadline

Who will evaluate your application

The Performing Arts Committee of the will evaluate all applications submitted. The committee will make an artistic assessment of each application.

What the application must contain

We recommend that you consult the application form and have the necessary information and documents/files ready before you start.

The following particular information should be typed into the application form:

  • Budget
  • Project description

The following should be attached to the application:

  • Copy of the invitation/contract (for guest performance)
  • CVs of all participants

Any additional material will not be considered in the evaluation of the application. Materials submitted physically will not be returned.

Applications which do not contain the requisite information will not be considered.

Once you have submitted the application

When you submit your electronic application you will automatically receive an e-mail acknowledging its receipt, with a copy of the application attached.

You will be informed of the committee’s decision no more than 12 weeks after the deadline. During the 12 weeks applications are prepared for the committee, sent out, read and processed. In the event of conflict of interest, cases must go through an additional process. Once all cases from the same deadline have been completed, the result is sent out by email.

H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2
DK-1553 Copenhagen V


If you have questions about this contact:

Adviser, International Projects
Mads Nyholm Hovmand

+45 3374 4543
Adviser, Grants for performing arts exchange
Kirsten Sylvest

+45 3374 4577

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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