IV. contest for Cardboard Architecture, Design and Sculpture

IV. contest for Cardboard Architecture, Design and SculptureDeadline: 21 October 2011

Open to: international

The ” is looking for the architects of its Science Town and the personages of the project for those, who will arrange their everyday life. The best suggestions will be chosen in competition. There is a crucial need for , sculptures and benches.

 Our Mayor is dreaming about spacious and enlightened City Hall, while the Tyran like monuments, and for this time is crazy about . The Chief Architect has plenty of plans about streets, squares and markets. And curator of competition already found international experts for collaboration in construction and co-researching of cardboard potential.

 And don’t think that it is just a game. We are extremely serious. Just think: the director of MOMA’s design and architecture department believes that the paper cup is more important invention then the one more Ferrari car!


  • Our aim

To continue development of the society of creative people, that was formed in process of co- construction, living, studying and entertains, during existence of “Cardboardia” project. Also we are trying to find the integral architectural image of this community with the help of people from different towns and countries


  • Our tasks

– to create a social platform for cultural enrichment, experience and idea exchange, getting international experts involved.

– to know those who are interested in cardboard construction

– to arrange the order of Cardboardia Towns

– to draw talented people into collaboration with Cardboardia different events including commercial ones

– to offer alternative ways of spending free time

  • Project nominees

– federal buildings and structures (massive functional edifices for living, working and organizing territory)

– small architectural forms and product design (useful or just pretty objects of urban environment)

– interactive objet on Science theme

The list of objects can be found in the application form.

  • Participants

Every person, who is ready to create interesting objects are very welcome. You shouldn’t be the professional architect or engineer, all you need is to be skillful and have a good idea.


  • Terms

Participation in contest is free of charge.

The deadline for the applications is on 21st October 2011, at 18.00. The application forms received after the deadline will be studied for a fee

To fill the application form and to get more detailed information please follow the link below


  • Jury

– Tyran of “Cardboardia” (Sergey Korsakov)

– main personages of Cardboardia

– international experts

– visitors of CardboardTowns

– partners of the project

  • Prizes

8 000 roubles (400 bad tastes in the internal Cardboardia currency, or 200 euro)

All the participants will receive special certificates from Cardboardia

Also the chance to:

–         make projects for different participants of the event

–         collaborate with Cardboardia in Russia and Europe

–         participating in some commercial projects of event-agency DGV

  • Additional information

– the competition consists of two stages: the selection of interesting projects and construction of it while the 9th materialization of Cardboardia state as the town Kartonsk on territory of Russia – Ulianovsk.

– all interactive objects will be available for the visitors during 4 days of the event

– the awarding ceremony will be held on the main square of Kartonsk on the 6th of November 2011 (Sunday) at 15 pm

– the cardboard will be given for free if the project will pass the first stage of the competition. Additional materials and instruments should be brought by participants themselves. Some instruments as paper cutters, awl, etc. can be bought on the site in warehouse. Specialists of Cardboardia will provide help in construction in the cause of necessity

– there is a special program with participation of , which will attend the process of building Kartonsk and its existence

  • Time and venue

1st of November (Tuesday) 12 am – 2 pm – registration of teams

1st – 2nd of November (12 am – 8 pm) – objects assembly

3rd – 6th of June(12-00 am – 8 pm) – voting for objects by visitors of Cardboardia and personages

6th of November (15 pm) – the ceremony of awarding will be held on the main square of Kartonsk on the 6th of November 2011 (Sunday) at 15 pm

Complete program can be found on the web page


  • Curator

Maria Fadeeva – architect and journalist with interests in buildings, towns, urban development and social activity initializing such proces. Writes about it not only for professionals, but also for wide public, particular, in weekend supplement of business daily “Vedomosti” (sister of “Financial Times” and “Wall Street Journal”). At the same time works for specialized press. Coauthor of educating excursion project “Freedom of Access”


  • Partners

Technical college of Ulianovsk, studio «Paper KINGdom».


  • Contacts

cardboardiacontest (@) gmail.com

Maria Fadeeva, curator, +7916580658

Sergey Korsakov, Tyran of Cardboardia, +7916 6507360

General information and application form http://kartonsk.cardboardia.info

  • About Cardboardia

Cardboardia is an international project, working on the development and running different cultural and social events. The main of them is Cardboardia Materialization organized on the regular basis in different cities of Russia and Europe.

 Photos from Cardboardia:


Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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