Kitchen Budapest – Call for researchers positions for professionals, artists, engineers, designers

Kitchen Budapest - Call for researchers positions for professionals, artists, engineers, designersDeadline: 31 August 2011

Open to: international, artists, engineers, designers. This call is relevant for those based in/around Budapest.

Kitchen Budapest announces its for professionals, artists, engineers, designers who are interested in the relations between urban and private space, , and internet, and who are enthusiastic about working in teams on .

Please note that this call is relevant for those based in/around Budapest.

What we offer:

  • innovative and creative work environment, team work
  • technical support, educational programs
  • international workshops, advising
  • infrastructure (laptop, workshop tools, servers, etc)
  • wide international professional network
  • publicity
  • monthly stipend

Join us, if

  • you have good ideas, but haven’t found a space to realize them – we help!
  • you are a tinkerer who did already something interactive
  • you can yourself create working prototypes
  • you have a wide field of  interests, but have at least one that matches the profile of Kitchen Budapest
  • you think in collaboration: if you are an engineer you don’t think of the designer as someone to prettify something you did / if you are a designer you don’t think of an engineer who will develop something you dreamed of and sketched upon.
  • you care about context: you are interested in what impact your project/product makes on its users;  you care about the impact of your decisions about aesthetics; what cultural impacts do new technologies have
  • you are willing to share your knowledge with others and willing to learn.

All our projects are developed in teams, so next to your individual skills and performance we emphasize that it is important that you can work well in collaboration. It is something to highlight that the outcome of projects will not only depend on you, but also on those you are working with, so you must be flexible, as a project might shift away from (your) original idea.


Your application should contain the followings:

  • CV;
  • if you have, online portfolio or documentation of previous works;
  • choose a minimum of two of the followings questions, and share your ideas – in form of sketches, visuals, models, scripts, mockups or texts.

We don’t expect you to be able to answer all questions, but the ones you choose should match your knowledge, skills and interests.

  • What is the creaziest location from where you would get in touch with your friends, parents, your environment? Design a communication tool or interactive installation for this location! Can be based on any type of technology, for instance: RFID, AR (augmented reality), 2D codes, smartphone.
  • If you turned your home into intelligent, where would you start? Show some existing solutions, and think them further with two steps!
  • Have you ever used an Arduino? If yes, what for? Tell us, or even better, show us!
  • How/What will be the most successful iOS application of year 2012? Which part of it would you write?
  • Imagine a screenless interface! What would you control with it, and how?
  • What do you think about open source systems? What fields do you consider to benefit the most out of the wide-spreading of open source software, hardware and open content?
  • When designing social tagging websites, the question pops up: if there is no list to choose from, users will enter many synonyms and many misspelling will occur. How would you solve that? (Not only programming can help.)
  • How would you make use of the Snowballjs application?
  • Do these keywords make your heart beat: tinkering, SMD, RFID, ZigBee, mesh network, DIY… and if yes, why? Did you work with any of these?
  • What happens to the internet once it meets …
    … the sea coast?
    … the stratosphere?
    … the strawberry fields?

    If you were commissioned to create an artistic installation, where would you start? On which major international art or design exhibition would you like your work being exhibited?
  • Choose a public place or an urban area and re-design it by using some of the following concepts: crowdsourcing, locative media, environmental consciousness, Internet of Things, contextual data.

Application requirements:

Please do not attach anything to your application email but send the link of an online webpage. Please send the link pointing to your application to palyazat at kitchenbudapest dot hu email address.

We expect applications in Hungarian and/or in English.

Application deadline:

31 August 2011

Should you have any questions please write to the address above mentioned, or call +36 1 303 6189 phone number during office hours.

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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