Asia Pacific – Mini Print International competition

Mini Print International competition - Asia PacificDeadline: 31 October 2011

Open to: international

The Mini Print International – Asia Pacific is a print competition open to all printmaking techniques, in which artists from all over the world are encouraged to participate.

The recognition and exposure which winning artists achieve through Mini Print International – Asia Pacific, is beyond compare in leveraging an artist’s professional career internationally & the award has the biggest prize pool of any in the world.

•    Judged by a jury of internationally respected experts, five works are awarded winners.
   Prize Pool: $25,000 (comprising of five $5,000 prize packages)

The award winning artists are each granted a $5,000 prize package, which includes an exclusive invitation to hold their own solo show, a full page exposé in the awards catalogue, exposure on our international website, publicity, press release kit, public relations, and global media exposure.

The technical and formal quality of the works is expected to be very high, encouraged by the juried nature of the exhibition.
Every entrant selected by the jury to exhibit will be showcased in prestigious full colour awards catalogue.

The opening of this year’s exhibition of the Mini Print International – Asia Pacific will take place November 2011 in Melbourne, Australia, with subsequent touring events in Sydney and Hong Kong, at venues to be announced.

Entries Close October 31st, 2011



Open to all artists, printing techniques and tendencies, The International Print Awards announce the annual MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL – ASIA PACIFIC.

1.  Each artist should submit four prints. It is preferable though not necessary that the works be
of different images.

2.  The image must not be bigger than 10 x 10 cm (3.9 x 3.9 in). The paper must not be bigger
than 18 x 18 cm (7.1 x 7.1 in).

3.  The signed works should be sent by air-mail as PRINTED MATTER in a simple packet, without
glass, frame or matting, declaring “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE”, before October 31st 2011*, to:

Merigold Building
Suite 43
243 Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000

4.  With the membership form properly filled in, a “Curriculum Vitae” should accompany the works,
including name, date and place of birth of the artist, as well as the transaction receipt
printout or transaction receipt ID# for the entry fee.

5.  If you are not a resident of the Asia Pacific Region 100 AUD.

6.  If you are a resident in the Asia Pacific region, the fee is 60 AUD.

7.  If you are an “Earlybird” (submitting prior to September 9th 2011), the fee is $50

8.  Please make your payment via our online payment gateway on the website, in Australian Dollars.

9.  This fee gives the right to enter works to be consider for the awards & receive the catalogue
of the corresponding edition.

10.  A Jury will select the works to be exhibited.

11.  The names of the accepted artists will be published in our website
www.miniprintinternational.com in the first week of November 2011.

12.  Accepted works will also be exhibited nationally and internationally in other places to be

13.  A Jury of professionals in the field of printmaking will select 5 , all of the same
category, which may be reproduced in full color and life-size in the catalogue or as
advertising for the exhibition, and in PR.

14.  Each awarded artist will be invited to have a solo show of their miniprint editions in conjunction
with the Mini Print International –Asia Pacific.

15.  Once the exhibitions are over, a catalogue illustrating all the exhibited prints in full color will
be sent to each artist, together with the unsold works and a cheque for any work sold.

16.  There will be a 30% commission to the Gallery on the sale of all work.

17.  All works must be for sale and artists are encouraged to price each mini print at under
$250 AUD.

18.  The organiser reserves the right to reproduce and exhibit any work accepted, for
promotional or cultural purposes.

19.  Although all work will be handled with maximum care, the organiser will assume no
responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur. The works that do not adhere
exactly to these rules will not be sent back.

20.  Participation in the exhibition implies the acceptance of the above conditions.


Shape and size of the image.
Shape and size of the paper.
Position of the image.
Specifying the technique with the international symbols.
Photography as a print technique.

Without exceeding the limits of 10 x 10 cm, can the print be of any shape and size?

Yes. Moreover, when in the entry forms we speak about a limit of 10 x 10 cm, we don’t only mean 100 square cm, but a square of 10 x 10 cm. That is the window of the passe-partout we use in the exhibitions and that we also use to reproduce all prints in the catalogue.

Without exceeding the limits of 18 x 18 cm, can the paper or support be of any shape and size?

Yes, there is no problem with that.

Must the print be in the centre of the paper or support?

It is not essential, but is very advisable. For the purposes of the catalogue, it is not very important, but the Mattboards we use in the exhibitions are 18 x 18 cm, and their 10 x 10 cm window is in the centre of that square. Thus, for example, if you send us a print of 10 x 10 cm which is in a corner of the paper measuring 18 x 18 cm, you will meet the requirements of the entry forms but we will be forced to cut out the paper so that the image appears wholly through the central window of the matt board, and the paper doesn’t protrude from any of the edges.

Do I have to pay online, or can I send a cheque?

All payments must be made online. Any prints sent for consideration in the awards, which have not been preceded with an online payment, will not be considered or returned.

I can see that in the web page, in the Entry section, I have the choice of an online entry for or a PDF. Does it matter which one I use?

No. Use whichever is most convenient for you. Some people may feel more comfortable with a printed version which they can send with their submission. Others may be happier submitting online and mailing their prints independently (Transaction ID clearly marked on or inside the parcel.)

When I specify the technique used in my prints, can I indicate it with the international symbols for techniques used in printed ex-libris?

Yes, you can choose between writing the name of the technique or using the international code. If you choose to write the name of the technique, then, in order to avoid misunderstandings, please do it in English.

Do you accept photography as a printing technique in your competition?

No, we don’t.


Finalists selected to participate in the exhibition will be announced on this page November 4th, 2011.

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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