Moleskinerie logo competition

Moleskinerie logo competitionRegistration deadline: 10 November 2011

Open to: to applicants from every country in the world, to professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts.

C A L L – F O R – E N T R I E S

in collaboration with MOLESKINE are organizing an international graphic design competition.
Free registration required.

MOLESKINE encompasses a family of nomadic objects: notebooks, diaries, journals,  bags, 
writing instruments and reading accessories, dedicated to our mobile identity.
indispensable companions to the creative professions and the imagination of our times: 
 they are intimately tied to the digital world.

01 – the subject of the international competition is a


based on community feedback, we have updated the rules of our MOLESKINERIE.com .  The updated rules retroactively apply to all who have entered the contest since its launch on october 11th, 2011.
The entry process remains the same: enter by creating and submitting a logo for our official blog, MOLESKINERIE.com.

Here is what has changed: we will not be using the winning logo as the logo identity of the MOLESKINERIE blog or  for any other commercial purpose. we have made this change because it is clear that the structure of the contest raised  questions about crowdsourcing. we did not foresee this issue and it was quite unintentional. we did not intend to condone  or support unpaid spec work in any way. we are keeping the contest running and accepting submissions through november 10, 2011,  in order to continue to celebrate the hundreds of talented designers who have submitted entries. we are exploring ways  to showcase their work in a special way.
We have removed all entry requirements with one exception:
– the design must read ‘moleskinerie’, the logo can be text-based only or have a graphic symbol too.
If you entered this contest prior to the adjusted requirements and wish to resubmit, we will accept up to three (3) additional entries.
We will not accept three (3) additional entries on top of the initial three (3) entries for anyone entering after october 28th, 2011.

02 – awards
The designer of the winning entry will be granted a cash prize award of € 5000 euro .
and as always, designboom will publish an exhaustive results report.

04 – design criteria
it is important that you keep your design(s) confidential until the results of the competition are published.

entries will be judged on the basis of creativity.  see what guidelines you should stick to :
a sign of a great logo is its versatility, reproducibility, character and differentiation.
colour is one of the main ingredients when it comes to designing logos. ideally this new logo should  also work in a single colour, that it can be reversed out in order for it to work on any background colour  or even a photograph. please also consider the minimum dimensions the logo should work at before becoming illegible. the size must be adjustable from very small to large.
a logo is packed full of meaningful information, one of the first steps might be gathering together  all the information you need about MOLESKINE, such as what they do, who their target audience is, what their aims are and how they want to be perceived through their branding.
we want to be surprised by your logo design!
please don’t send in vague concepts, but go a step further. it’s not the idea which is the art,  it’s more the way somebody handles the idea that makes art.

05 – registration deadline
application registration will be accepted through november  10th, 2011.

06 – registration
registrations are open now, please fill in the form.
teams register with one name only.
– when submitting works you should add all team member’s names.
register here

07 – submit your entry / entries

multiple submissions are allowed (up to 3 different designs per participant).
if you are entering more than one work,
please submit each work separately.

you will be requested to supply:

1. up to 6 files for uploading to designboom
images or a composition of more images) of your project.
image size: 818 pixels wide.
to upload your images please note:
use only .gif, .jpeg, (72 dpi) max 150 kb each file, RGB color mode.
video clips: we accept flv or swf files only. file size: 818 pixels wide – max 10MB.

the entry submitted is a low-res version of your original work.
these original high-resolution image(s), vector art originals
will be requested only if your work is shortlisted.

2. explanation of ideas
a brief description of your design.
(english text only, explanation is expected to be very concise)

3. you will be requested to accept the competition guidelines
competition guidelines: projects submitted to the competition, must be original works. all entries must be original designs and should not use any stock images or clip art. projects must be free from copyrights and any kind of obligations. the design shall not in any way infringe any third party’s right, including but not limited to copyright, logos, trademark, trade names, or other proprietary rights of publicity or privacy.
Only entries with a declaration of authorship are accepted!
(when submitting your design you will be asked to tick a box of declaration).
you therefore undertake the responsibility of keeping designboom and MOLESKINE exempt  from any harmful consequence or claim by third parties that may arise  as a result if the above declaration is untrue.
As far as the privacy policy is concerned, you will be provided with all the information  regarding the processing of your personal data (name, date of birth, address, e-mail).
By participating in the competition you give consent that designboom can communicate such personal data to MOLESKINE for any purpose related to the management of the competition.

submit your entry here

08 – deadline for submission of entries
works can be submitted through november 10th, 2011.

09 – announcement of the results
results will be announced on november 30th, 2011
the jury’s selection is final and is not debatable.

10 – intellectual property rights
any moral and paternity right regarding the project sent in for submission is the designer’s property.
the designer retains all rights to the winning logo and will remain the copyright owner of the logo.
MOLESKINE will not leverage the logo for commercial use in any way.
by participating in the competition, all participants authorise DESIGNBOOM to publish the shortlisted entries in a feature illustrating the results of the competition.

12 – questions?
inquiries to http://www.facebook.com/moleskine

11 – info on moleskine

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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