New Master Artist – Independent Platform

New Master ArtistOpen to  any artist and any qualified expert worldwide. Completely independent from any art expert, gallery, dealer or auction house.

On this platform

1. any artist may present their artwork
2. art experts may give feedback
3. visitors can discover and buy art, with the help of professionals

Independent platform

Ratings are given by an open community of qualified art experts and not by New Master Artist. We just provide independence and technology. Our company is completely independent from any art expert, and any given rating.

Get discovered

We help you get discovered by:
– gallerists worldwide
– experts worldwide
– buyers worldwide

We do this by providing you a template for your audition, and the possibility of getting public ratings by any expert or gallery worldwide.

Free, no commissions, artworks deletable

It’s free to upload art, sell art here, get ratings, win or get discovered.
When someone wants to buy your work, they deal with you directly.
No risks: you can delete artworks or hide/deselect ratings.

Our vision:

New Master Art … art discovered by a community

We believe there are too many boundaries for artists to get recognized.
We believe there are too many boundaries for people to understand or buy art.

Here any artist has a chance to get discovered by professionals & buyers.
Here any visitor can access and experience this process of “art evolving”.


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