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Mais Imaginarius is a section of Imaginarius – International Street Festival of Santa Maria da Feira, which aims to give way to emerging artists willing to show their work through a competition of artistic creations for the public space.

This section challenges artists to present proposals that approach public space in all its various perceptions, by testing formats and models, towards building new artistic identities. In a direct dialogue from the artistic creation with the cultural and natural heritage, the proposals should enrich the site-specific experimentation. The diversity, quantity and quality of the projects that have applied to Mais Imaginarius over the past years show how willing the artists are to occupy Santa Maria da Feira’s public space and express themselves through multiple languages. In its 2017 edition, Mais Imaginarius will act as a space for artistic experimentation within the official programmingof Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival of Santa Maria da Feira, thus exploring two different axis of public space intervention that allow various artistic languages to participate.


This regulation establishes the rules regulating the support to the participation of Portuguese and international projects in Mais Imaginarius 2017 considering the following artistic disciplines: Theatre; Dance; Music; ; Performance; Intervention;  Installation; Digital Art; ; Graffiti; and Multidisciplinary.

The proposals admitted for presentation in Mais Imaginarius 2017 will be eligible for a final award to the winner.



  • Applications from artistic projects by Portuguese and international companies are eligible;
  • Artists and companies applying to Mais Imaginarius 2017 must be available for performances on 26th and 27th May 2017, from 2pm to 2am;
  • Each selected project must perform in public 2 or 3 times per day [the final number will be settled with the artist according to format, duration and availability];
  • The artist will be responsible for presenting the performance and for all the required scenic and artistic resources.

Applications: Applications shall be submitted between 26th October 2016 and 6th January 2017, through the form available at the festival’s website [www.imaginarius.pt] or by sending the application form and attached documents [full application form; biographical note of the authors up to 500 characters; project synopsis up to 300 characters; two pictures and – preferentially – a video of the project; project technical file] to mais@imaginarius.pt;

All applications will only be deemed effective upon reception of all documents and email confirmation.



Selection Process of the Proposals for Participation in the Festival [ Article 4 ] Applications for Mais Imaginarius 2017 will be evaluated by a committee to be formed by the management of Imaginarius – Internacional Street Theatre Festival, which will include the festival’s Artistic Direction, supported by jury members with expertise in each field;

The artistic projects will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

a) Creativity;
b) Audience interaction;
c) Innovation;
d) Artistic quality.

The results of this selection will be divulged until 10 February 2017.

Support to the Participation and Presentation of Portuguese and International Companies

The management of Imaginarius – International Street Theatre Festival of Santa Maria da Feira will compensate the participation and presentation of the selected artists and companies, as follows:

a) Travel expenses of Portuguese and international companies through a financial backup to be included in a support for each participating artistic project/artist or company:

  • 150 Euros – For artists and companies from mainland Portugal;
  • 400 Euros – For artists and companies from Madeira, the Azores and Europe;
  • 600 Euros – For artists and companies from other continents;
  • Food and board for the whole artistic team during the festival [arrival on 25th May and departure on 28th May 2017];
  • Light and sound technical requirements, by using the resources installed at each location, to be shared with other artistic projects;
  • Visibility to the network of professionals attending the festival;
  • Participation in the Imaginarius PRO professional space, during the festival and FRESH STREET#2 Seminar;
  • Communication of the artistic project through the festival network [printed materials, online and media].

Artistic Projects Competition Award – Mais Imaginarius 2017

  • All artistic projects selected for presentation at Imaginarius – Internacional Street Theatre Festival of Santa Maria da Feira are eligible for a final award to be attributed by an exclusive jury;
  • Through voting, the jury will attribute an award to the best artistic project in competition;
  • The final award is a creative residency, in Santa Maria da Feira, to develop a new performance, to be premiered at the 2018 edition of Imaginarius – Internacional Street Theatre Festival of Santa Maria da Feira; During the Festival, the jury will evaluate on site each competing proposal.
  • This award does not conflict with the conditions defined under point 1 of Article 5;

Composition of the Evaluation Committees and of the Artistic Projects Competition Jury

The proposals for the Mais Imaginarius program will be evaluated by a jury, to be expressly nominated for that purpose, whose members will include renowned Portuguese and international experts from academic, artistic and cultural institutions;

The jury for Mais Imaginarius 2017 program is composed by:

  • Alexandra Moreira – DECA, Universidade de Aveiro;
  • Christine Zurbach – Departamento de Artes na Universidade de Évora;
  • Bruno Pereira – Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo do Porto (ESMAE);
  • Jong Yeoun Yoon – Director of Korea Street Arts Center and Artistic Director of Ansan Street Arts Festival (Korea);
  • Jordi Duran – Artistic Director of FiraTàrrega (Spain);
  • József Kardos – General and program director of Sziget Festival (Hungary).

Doubts and Omissions

Any doubt or clarification request must be sent by email to mais@imaginarius.pt. Any omission concerning this regulation shall be resolved by the festival’s direction, whose decisions shall not be subject to appeal.

Website: http://www.circostrada.org/

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