‘Poor Media’ – Open Call Creation 2016 – Werktank & KU Leuven

Werktank, production platform for old and art based in Leuven (BE), and KU Leuven – Campus Group T, part of the innovative Faculty of Industrial Engineering, call upon artists to submit a proposal for the development and realization of a art . The will be presented at the festival ‘Utopia’ in Leuven, in the frame of the theme ‘Poor Media’.

Under the title ‘Poor Media’ Werktank challenges artists to create media art installations, with the historical background of the Arte Povera movement as an inspiration. How to use the anti-technological character of Arte Povera to say something substantial about technology and media, will be one of the challenges for the participating projects.

In a first phase the selected artist will have the opportunity to develop a prototype, together with the Campus Group T students and under the guidance of the teachers. Campus Group T trains future engineers and already worked with artists before on the development of artistic creations with a strong technological component. The prototype should be sufficiently challenging for the students of the department Electronics-ICT.
In a second phase the artist can develop his/her prototype further into a working media art installation. For the further realization of the work, the workshops of Werktank are at the artist’s disposal.

The selected project will be developed under the artistic and technical guidance of Werktank. Werktank also provides a creation budget of 4.000 EUR.

The timing of the project is as follows:

The deadline for submission of proposals is November 15 2015.
The outcome of the selection will be communicated prior to December 15 2015.
Between February and May 2016 the artist works on the prototype, together with the Group T students.
Between June and September 2016 he/she can develop the installation further in the workspace of Werktank.
A first presentation is scheduled in October 2016, during the ‘Utopia’ festival in Leuven.

Proposals (max. one A4 page) should be sent to info@werktank.org, along with a short biography of the artist, an overview of previous works and online video documentation, if available.

Info: www.werktank.org / www.groept.be

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