REdesign+ Award 2013

This open ideas competition is organized within the framework of the Transnational Cooperation Programme Austria – Hungary 2007–2013, a project aimed at a sustainable stimulation of the job market and an improvement with regard to the potentials of innovation and competitiveness of companies operating in the socioeconomic field through the implementation of business activities involving reuse & redesign. The compe­tition is open to entrants living and/or working in the European Union and looks for unrealized ideas and designs invol­ving waste products (redesigns) that will be presented to the public and offered to socioeconomic companies in order to be eventually realized and marketed.

The project links the creation of new jobs to a sustainable environment. Socially deprived or permanently unemployed people are to be offered long-term employment through the establishment of new work opportunities in the fields of reuse & redesign, such as in the collection of waste materials and in the production and distribution of redesigned products. As a cross-border initiative, the project seeks to promote developments, professionalization, quali­fications, and product innovations in the business segment of reuse & redesign in Hungary and Austria. In addition, the idea of redesign – manufacturing new products permitting new applications from recycled waste products – is meant to raise ecological awareness among consumers and contribute to sustaina­bility and the preservation of natural resources. Involving professional desig­ners in the process will ensure that con­sumers will increasingly recognize the attractiveness of redesigned products.


Ideas for products made entirely or partly of recyclables or primary materials such as those mentioned hereinafter may be entered in four categories:

  • Mobility & Public Space
  • Household & Domestic Life
  • Accessories & Give-aways
  • Jewellery & Fashion

Possible materials to be used are: cardboard, boxes, corrugated cardboard, books, wood, recovered paper, PET bottles, beverage cartons, aluminium cans, recovered glass, crown caps, tiles, textiles, carpets, clothes hangers, automobile tyres, safety belts, truck tar­paulins, bicycles and spare parts, wire, film canisters, cables, metal parts, CDs/DVDs, conductor plates, circuit boards, flags, etc.


Employed and self-employed professi­onal designers and students in the European Union are invited to submit their unrealized designs. By entering par­ticipants the organizers the right to show their works publicly in exhibitions and presentations and publish them in the context of this competition and its documentation.

Entry Formalities

The designs, sketches, models/dum­mies, or prototypes entered must be presented true to scale. There are no limitations as to the actual dimensions and applications of the products, the realization of which must involve recycla­bles. Primarily such recyclables should be used that can be collected and separated in larger quantities in order to ensure the possibility of serial/industrial production. Unique and handmade items that do not lend themselves to serial production are excluded from participation.

Each entry must include:

  • two completed entry forms
  • a short description (one page)
  • a two-dimensional documentation (drawings, sketches, photographs), mounted on up to two panels (cardboard or foamboard) measu­ring 70 by 100 cm or up to five panels measuring 35 by 50 cm (the entrant’s personal data must be attached to the reverse side of the panels only). Videos, CDs, and DVDs are not acceptable.
  • Models, dummies, or prototypes must be securely wrapped. If you want your entries to be returned, please use reusable package mate­rials.

Entries that do not comply with these conditions will not be considered. The number of entries per entrant is not limited.

Entry Fee and Liability

Participation is free of charge, so that there is no entry fee.

Three-dimensional entries (models, dummies, prototypes) will be insured up to an amount of 250.00 euros each from the moment of their arrival until they leave the organizers’ premises. Entries will only be returned at the entrant’s expressive wish and at his/her own risk and expense, as soon as all promotion activities have been completed.


Call for entries-english


All entries will be presented to an inde­pendent jury. The following persons have been nominated and have agreed to participate in the jury panel:

  • Kathrina Dankl, danklhampel, industrial designer (A)
  • Michael Schultes, Vienna University of Technology (A)
  • Janos Szurcsik, designer (H)
  • Daniel Strobel, garbage upcycling design (A)
  • Martin Eder, Kapsch AG, innovation management (A)

No correspondence will be entered into as to the decision of the jury. As soon as the winners have been announced, a jury protocol will be published at www.redesignplus.eu

Members of the jury and their relatives, as well as persons affiliated with the organizers, are excluded from the parti­cipation in this competition. The jury will meet in Vienna in mid-February 2013.

Prizes & Criteria

The total prize money of 4,000 euros will be equally distributed among the win­ners in the four categories (1,000 euros each). The money prizes are indivisible, and their distribution is obligatory.

From these four finalists, the jury will choose an overall winner by selecting the entry that ideally considers such cri­teria as creativity, innovation, availability of recyclables, feasibility, and potential marketability. Besides the prize money, the main prize also includes the reali­zation of the design. The realization or production of the design by a socioeco­nomic company in Hungary and/or Aus­tria will be based on a customary licence agreement to be negotiated beforehand between the designer and the produ­cer. A sample agreement published by designaustria will serve as the basis for such negotiations. The prize money will be considered an adequate compensa­tion for the design as such; additional royalties will be paid according to the licence agreement after the project term has expired.

Moreover, the jury may assign up to four merit awards per category to design so­lutions envisaging a particularly innova­tive and visionary use of recyclables.


The award ceremony and the announce­ment of the winners will take place in summer 2013. The prize-winning entries will be presented in exhibitions to be held immediately after this event in Vienna (A) and Sopron (H).

Address for Entries & Deadline

Entries must be sent to

designaustria im designforumWIEN
Museumsplatz 1/Hof 7,
A-1070 Vienna

by 31 January 2013.

They will only be returned at the entrant’s express wish and at his/her risk and expense. The entrant is respon­sible for the punctual arrival of his/her entry. The date of the postmark applies.

For inquiries contact:

designaustria im designforumWIEN
Museumsplatz 1/Hof 7, 1070 Vienna
T +43 (0)1 | 524 49 49 – 0
F +43 (0)1 | 524 49 49 – 4Ű
E register@designaustria.at


This project »REuse & REdesign plus« is supported by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the Transnational Cooperation Programme Austria – Hungary, CBC AT-HU 2007-2013.



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