REVIVAL OF THE SILO Architecture Competition

You are presented with an opportunity to express your vision for the revitalization and reuse of a silo in the former packaging (canning) factory complex of Redtory, in Guangzhou, China. We offer an open brief. The aim is to create the space for young designers and artists. Considering the proposal’s range of possible program (creative spaces, design studios, workshops, galleries, design schools, machinery spaces for the industrial arts) the development should be capable of providing work space for more than one hundred design students and professionals. The proposal should consider all areas inside and outside the buildings. We encourage participants to reactivate the unique silo, as well as the rooms, rooftops and gardens of the surrounding buildings. New structures can be added. There are no restrictions on floor area as long as rational justification is provided and the benefit for the community is evident. The overall brief is flexible, open for modifications and improved development strategies.


Guangzhou is the 3rd largest growing city in China’s fastest growing area – the Pearl River Delta (PRD). The PRD region is home to 100 million people and is one of the most urbanized areas in the world. Guangzhou is often considered to be a cultural ‘desert’, but nevertheless, it has many hidden places which often offer positive surprises to the urban experience.

One such area is Redtory – a former packaging factory complex. It consists of numerous industrial buildings. Recently, “Red Plant” underwent a major revival in response to the occupation of many of its buildings by creative and enthusiastic individuals and organizations, who infused the complex with bars, restaurants, design studios and art galleries. The result is a unique and dynamic enclave for members of the progressive and independent art community.

is open for all! Design proposals can be developed by individual or a group (4 members maximum)

Submission requirements: You are allowed to upload no more than 4 presentation boards (maximum 2000 x 2000 px (150dpi) each) to explain your proposal. No fixed requirements on sketches, plans, sections, elevations and other alternative presentation tools – as long as the idea is explained in a coherent manner.


David Zhai – architect, Grimshaw Architects, New York
John Simons – designer, KPF, New York
Simon McGown – designer, Morphosis Architects, New York
Collin Anderson – writer, architecture student, Columbia university, New York
Fahmi Noor – architect, DPA, Singapore
Alona Martinez – lecturer in Urbanism and Placemaking and Architecture, University of Ulster Jordanstown Campus, Belfast


Winning participants will share the prize pool, total of US$ 5,000

1st prize: US$ 3,000

 2nd prize: US$ 1,500

 3rd prize: US$ 500

+ honorable mentions and featured articles in international architecture and design media

Early Registration: US$ 80 from 1st September to 1st November 2012

  • Late Registration: US$ 120 from 2nd November to 31st December 2012


  • Early Registration – 1st September to 1st November 2012
  • Late Registration – 2nd November to 31st December 2012
  • Closing Date for Submissions – 5th January 2013
  • Evaluation – 6th January – 20tn January 2013
  • Announcement of Winners – 31st January 2013

Informative material package:

  • Plans and sections
  • Sketch up model
  • Selected site photos

This is a single stage Competition with the aim of identifying the most appropriate proposal, which best satisfies the objectives of the brief. This is an International design Competition presented by ”Homemade Dessert” to provoke progressive ideas. There are no plans for the project to be built. 




How to participate in the competition? Click on “register now”, fill in all the required fields, choose your payment method and submit your information. You will be forwarded to Paypal or CPS secure payment gateway, to cover the competition fee. Once we receive your payment, we’ll send you an email with your username and password to upload your submission directly to the website.

Can one team submit multiple proposals? One proposal per registration. Participants are entitled to register multiple times, to participate in the competition with several proposals.

Where can I find informative material on the site and area? All available information can be downloaded by clicking on “DOWNLOAD INFORMATIVE MATERIAL” button under the “REGISTER NOW” button.

No additional technical information can be provided due to sites restricted access and privacy issues. This subject is open for participant’s rational interpretation

Additional information on area can be found on Redtory Homepage.
Is there a specific program or is it completely open? We offer an open brief. The aim is to create the space for young designers and artists. Considering the proposal’s range of possible program (creative spaces, design studios, workshops, galleries, design schools, machinery spaces for the industrial arts) the development should be capable of providing work space for more than one hundred design students and professionals.

Is there a minimum area of the site that must be covered/shaded? May some areas be uncovered public space? There is no minimum or maximum covered area restriction.

Are there any height restrictions? No, there are no height restrictions.

Is there any requirement for parking space or just street parking? If so, can I add an underground parking lot or garage building? There is no requirement for a parking lot, however you are free to add one to your design.

Can we introduce additional entrances? Yes, you are allowed to introduce new entrance/s.

Do we have to keep current brick walls? No, you are allowed to modify site in a way that makes most benefit to your proposal and context

What are the site boundaries? Within the brick walls (refer to Sketch up model and CAD plans)

From the provided material it appears that the site is flooded. Is it permanently or temporary flooding? Initially there was a confusion whether the site is flooded temporary or permanently. We decided to address the water as a permanent pond, so please treat it the same way. Nevertheless, as mentioned in the brief you are allowed to treat existing site features and details in a manner you find is most appropriate, so if your proposal would benefit more from having the pond removed – feel free to do so.

Sketch up model is slightly different from Google Earth images:  In terms of site dimensions – please base your design on provided Sketch up model and CAD plans. You are allowed to modify the site (within the boundaries) in a manner you feel is most appropriate. You are allowed to use Google earth images and geographical information to understand context and general site character.

What are the exact site coordinates on the Google Earth map?

 23° 6’47.56″N

I have problems with downloading the informative material package! 

Please contact us – contact@homemadedessert.org and we will issue the files manually.

I am experiencing problems with payment processing!

Please contact us – contact@homemadedessert.org and we will address the problem directly.

Web:  http://homemadedessert.org

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