Scraplab Design Contest

Scraplab Design ContestDeadline: 18 September 2011

Eligibility: Designers worldwide are asked to submit a design whether prototype or draft

Make art. Not waste! That’s the motto of the ScrapLab Design Contest. Enthusiastic designers and hobby crafters worldwide are invited to submit their creative designs made of scrap on the contest platform.

The SCRAPLAB DESIGN CONTEST seeks to find innovative and sustainable designs made of scrap. The objective is to recycle waste materials in the form of new products such as furniture, accessories or artwork and to bring them back into the economic circle. It addresses professional designers, design students and amateur designers as well as everyone else from all around the world who is interested in how waste materials can be recycled. Besides, participants can also actively take part by voting for the best designs of other members or commenting on submissions and leaving messages.


Furniture, Accessoires, Jewellery, Bags, Fashion, Garden, Art, Children, Various


Scrap makes you win! By taking part in the contest and submitting your design you can win valuable prizes! The design can be either a first draft or a final prototype.

The members with the three best designs amongst all categories can win the following monetary prizes.

* 1st prize: 1,000 EURO*
* 2nd prize: 600 EURO
* 3rd prize: 400 EURO

The jury is responsible for the selection of the best overall designs whether draft or prototype. The members of the jury will consider the opinions of the community and the evaluation criteria (Overall impression, Creativity, Elaboration of design, Feasibility and Sustainability).

* If you have selected a specific kind of 1.prize reward when filling out the registration form we will consider your choice.

Our jury is composed of an international group of experts in the fields of design, customer related innovation sustainable design.


  • Start of the contest: July 22th, 2011
  • End of submission: September 18th, 2011
  • Expert Evaluation: End of September
  • Jury Meeting: Beginning of October
  • Announcement of winners: Mid October

Submission of a Design
First of all, you can both submit a handmade prototype or a graphically draft. It is only important that you give your design a title, that you upload a picture whether a photo, a computer generated design or a freehand drawing and that you describe it a little bit. You may also chose one of nine categories for your design: furniture, accessoires, jewellery, bags, fashion, garden, art, children or various.

The entry of a scrap design is supported by an easy-to-use toolkit. The toolkit guides you through the entry process. The following steps have to be completed to enter a design:

1. Get informed about the topic of the contest and find inspiration for your design.
2. Choose one category for your entry.
3. Upload your design and describe it
a. Upload your design (JPG, GIF or PNG, max. 5 MB, min. 500 by 500 px)
b. Enter a title for your design
c. Describe all functional aspects of your design
d. Describe the main benefits of your design (Why is your design special?)
4. Add further attachments (optional)
– Upload additional images (JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .IGS, STP, .3DS, VRML; max. 5 MB)
– Upload documents (DOC, PDF, XLS, PPT, TXT, CSV)
5. Add tags to the used material (optional)
6. Submit your design
7. After submitting share your design with your friends or post it on your Facebook profile (optional)

Material Cloud
To explore the designs, you can also filter them with the material cloud. It is a visual depiction of keywords, which lead you to a list of designs that are made of the selected materials. The cloud features all the materials you and other participants have attached to the designs. The larger the tag appears the more designs are attached to it.

Evaluation and Discussion
Beside the submission of designs the evaluation and discussion in the community are important for the contest.
The evaluation of designs by the jury is particularly based on the following criteria:
> Overall impression
> Creativity
> Elaboration of design
> Feasibility
> Sustainability

To increase the depth of elaboration you can add comments at the bottom of each design or just leave a public message on a user’s profile.
As a participant of the contest, you may state whether you like or dislike the design of other contestants through an intuitive vote. You can indicate your evaluation of a design by assigning 1 to 5 points to the design. The average rating is displayed within the design pool and the design itself. Both, your evaluation or your comments, increase your activity counter and help the jury in finding the contest winners.
The jury will consider the evaluations of the community members when selecting the winners of the contest.

In order to participate in the contest, you have to register. As a registered user you can contribute your designs and become a candidate for the prizes and also read, evaluate and comment on other designs. To finalize your registration, you have to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

To register, you must take the following steps:
1. Login information (mandatory)
2. Personal information (partly mandatory)
3. Information about 1.prize preferences (optional)
4. Information about the Innovation Community by the provider HYVE and application for further idea contests (optional)
5. Agreement with the Terms and Conditions (mandatory)

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:

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