The 1st edition of the European Contest for short radio plays

Based on the Myth PhD (play hence destroy) thematic, proposes five outstanding new projects and a residency program! In collaboration with innovative artists and theorists from all over the world, offers the audience the opportunity to come in contact with artworks from around the multitude of arts, in places recognized for their pioneer action, and also at the urban fabric of the city. The development of all projects will be presented from early September until the completion of each, on a weekly basis on ’s website, with audiovisual material from the creators and in open communication with the public!

The 1st edition of the European for short radio plays, radius 10 to 15 v.1, is here!

Create an Accident invites artists from all over Europe to experience the world of radio play and submit their work.

how to apply

Deadline for applications: 30/4/2013

Terms and conditions

  • Submitted works must be original creations of the artists and must not have been presented elsewhere until the end of the contest.
  • All European citizens have the right to participate in the contest, regardless of age.
  • Submitted works must be based on Create an Accident’s thematic for 2012 – 2013 season, Myth PhD (play hence destroy).
  • The length of submitted works must be 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Works should be submitted in recorded form.
  • By vote, 4 of the submitted works will be selected as best entries in the contest. A committee comprised by members of Create an Accident platform and distinguished partners will select three out of the four works. The composition of the committee and the selection will be announced in due course. The fourth work will be chosen by the public after an open vote.
  • Selected works will be published in cd right after the end of the contest. The cd will be available for free on Create an Accident’s website and a network of selected partners. None of the parties concerned (organizers and participants) require revenue from the distribution of the cd and any aspect of the competition.
  • Participants are responsible for the costs of recording and any other possible expenses associated with the creation of their work. Their submitted recorded work, in case it is distinguished, will be transferred to cd without any modifications.
  • Participants are free to choose the language of recorded works. In any case, participants must submit the full text of their play in both the language it is recorded in and English. English texts are required for plays which are recorded in English as well.
  • Distinguished works will be announced and presented right after the completion of the contest by MindRadio radio station.
  • The release of the cd will be presented in a public event at artist run space 3 137
  • Create an Accident is responsible for the optimum organization of the contest and its promotion across Europe throughout its duration.
  • All submitted works are intellectual property of the artists.
  • Contest organizers reserve the right to advertize the contest and its featured works in the future, under the condition that the contest and artists involved are mentioned at all times. Other than that, organizers do not reserve further rights on the plays after the end of the contest and cd publication.

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