The Door Prize – For Painting

The Door Prize - For PaintingDeadline: 17 September 2011

Open to: painters all over the world.

The Door Prize is an art competition exclusively for painters, providing a unique and affordable opportunity for both students and practicing artists to exhibit their work in a major .

The voluntarily run project, directed by (co-director of ‘Persona Art Festival’ and chief curator of ‘’) will run from 3-17 March 2012 at the city centre. The initiative of this project is to enhance the experience of Bristol’s residents and visitors,  building on Bristol’s reputation as a cultural and creative city. 

With leading institutions such as Spike Island and Arnolfini boosting Bristol’s art scene, we aim to invite artists from all over the globe to visit Bristol, showcase their artwork, and further enhance the vibrant scene the city has to offer.  There are many free annual cultural events held in Bristol such as the Bristol Balloon Festival, BrisFest and Open Studios at Jamaica Street Artists to name a few.  We believe that The Door Prize will be a great addition to the calendar, providing the public with an exciting opportunity to get involved with the arts.  All visitors to The Door Prize group exhibition will be encouraged to vote for their favourite painting on the opening, guaranteeing an engaging and entertaining experience.

The works will be selected by a combination of the judging panel and the public vote.  The winner of The Door Prize will receive an award specially commissioned from London based artist Desiree Ickerodt, and a .  Along with the prestige of being the winner of the first Door Prize, the winner will also be given a rare opportunity to become actively involved in the judging process of The Door Prize 2013.  In addition to the winner, there will be two runners up who will both receive a free designed publication including a selected part of their portfolio. 

In a celebration of painting as one of the most recognised and respected art forms, the competition opens the Door to the public and there can only be one winner.

2011 Rules

The Door Prize is open to painters all over the world. We will accept applications by e-mail only.  In order to make the procedure fair and just for all applicants, we have devised a set of rules and guidelines. Please read through these before submitting an application.

To Apply:
• There is an application fee of £10 which is non-refundable
• The application fee is payable through PayPal to: art@thedoorprize.co.uk or by cheque payable to: LCA Festival and post to ‘The Door Prize, Antria Pelekanou, 7 Exeter Road, Southville Bristol, BS3 1LY
• We will only accept one painting per applicant
• To enter you will need to complete the online application form or the word file version of the application located on the website under ‘Apply’
• You must provide one image (high resolution JPEG attached to e-mail at art@thedoorprize.co.uk). Remember to title your JPEG accordingly
• You will receive confirmation of receipt of application, images and payment
• We will not accept incomplete applications
•  Deadline for submissions is 17th of September 2011
• We will not accept applications after the deadline

•  Your JPEG must NOT have copyright text on or any other background colours that may interfeer with the work.  The JPEG must be at least 300dpi and ready to print in press coverage or our exhibition catalogue.  Copy-written, low resolution images, with coloured backgrounds will not be seen by our judging panel and will not be selected. We strongly advice that you do NOT photoshop or manipulate your image in any way.

The Procedure:
• The paintings will be subject to two stages: short listing for exhibition by the selection committee, and subsequent judging by the judges
• Shortlisted artists will be notified by the beginning of October
• On the opening of The Door Prize all visitors will be encouraged to vote for their favourite piece
• The catalogue will be launched at the exhibition opening and will be available to purchase throughout the exhibition and online via our website

The Selection Committee:
• Antria Pelekanou Director / Curator of The Door Prize
• Jay Heron, Editor of The Door Prize
• Sarah Harvey, Artist

The Catalogue:
• It will be designed by London based creative designer Aitor Albo
• The catalogue will be in full colour
• It will include all shortlisted artists

The Prize:
• There will be one winner and two runners up
• Along with the prestige of being the winner of the first Door Prize, the winner will also receive a Solo Exhibition and a specially commissioned sculpture by London based artist Desiree Ickerodt.  The winner will also be given the opportunity to become a judge of The Door Prize 2013
• Both runners up will receive a free designed publication that will include a selected part of their portfolio.  This publication will also be available for general sale on our website

The Location:
• Nails Gallery, Lower Exchange Hall, Corn Street, Bristol, BS1 1JQ

The Key Dates:
• Application deadline 17th of September 2011
• Notification of shortlisted artists will begin early October 2011
• Delivery of artworks 28-29 February 2012
• Opening and Public Voting FRIDAY 2nd of March 2012
• Collecting unsold paintings 17-18th of March 2012

The Slightly Smaller Print:
• The Door Prize will be curated by Antria Pelekanou
• The Door Prize is run entirely on enthusiastic volunteers and accepts new volunteers upon application
• While we endeavour to take the best possible care, neither the curator nor the gallery can be held responsible for loss or damage to work
• There will be 50% commission levied on sales generated throughout the exhibition

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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