The Perfectness and th Defect Call for Contributions

The concept of is a research project on the development and exploitation of artistic and scientific aspects and also a platform to develop and test new forms of art presentation, mediation and publication. The projects we initiate annually are designed on specific topics as well as cross-divisional.

About 280 international artist out of painting, graphics, photography, music, literature, dance, installation, video- and objectarts, design as well as scientifics and writers, lectures, readings, accompanying texts, publications have been contributed to the international and topic centered exhibition – projects like:

  • eMOTION (2008-2009),
  • CHAOS (2009-2010),
  • Das DING/THING (2010-2011)
  • Keine Z E I T/No TIME. Timephenomena. Phenomena of time. (2011-2012)
  • NOTHING. Nothing is more beautiful! (2012-2013)

G.A.S-stations invites to the next upcoming sixth international, interdisciplinary and topic centered exhibition – project:

The Perfectness and th Defect. / Die Perfektheit und das Fehler.

The striving for perfection is generally viewed in a positive light. Yet what is perfectness? Is it the attainment of complete congruence between the mental concept of an ideal and its actual implementation? In the discipline of mathematics, perfectness is attainable – e.g. in the requirement of conformity between a set and its derivative. Yet can there also be “perfectness” in any other sense? Which ideal conceptions are concealed behind different kinds of perfectionsim? Does the urge for perfection – and for the avoidance of mistakes associated with it – also have an effect on society and the human psyche that needs to be critically examined?

The mind is unswerving in its search for mistakes: in texts, recited language, images, actions etc. Mistakes attract attention and at the same time fascinate, so that an erroneous expression can force its way to the fore, attracting more attention than the actual meaning and content. On the other hand, a small perturbation, or an apparently insignificant defect can determine the development of a whole system, or even cause its collapse. Yet is there also an illustrative or creative potential in defects?

We are looking for works to the following topics:

  1. What is Perfectness? The desire for perfection – reflections on concepts, utopias and ideas relating to ideal systems and the perfect being.
  2. The Defect – Creator or Destroyer? The creative potential of the defect in relation to destruction in nature, science and art. The phenomenon of the ‘mistake’ as an attractor of our attention.
  3. Between Perfection and a Fear of Error. Effects on society and psyche – socio-critical or analytical and topic-oriented work.

The focus of the G.A.S-station project the Perfectness and th Defect is the juxtaposition of different medial and formal approaches. Therefore, we welcome artistic contributions of all sorts – filmlets, installations, plastic & fine arts, performances, literature, music as well as scientific contributions, presentations, lectures or accompanying texts concerning the subject.

Download pdf submittal form in english here

Download word doc form and accompanying texts in english here

(please send in the two filled out pdf-submittal form (via mail as hard copy) and (via e-mail) word doc otherwise we can not accept your application)

Closing date: April 12th 2013

Duration of the exhibition probably from october 2013 until february 2014.


This will be our sixth interdisciplinary exposition. If you’re interested in the exhibition project, be it as contributing artist or in another form of cooperation, please contact us. Please don’t forget to attach a brief summary of your work or a draft of your idea.

We’re looking forward to receiving your suggestions and proposals!

the G.A.S-station-Team
Elisa Asenbaum&Thomas Maximilian Stuck

Berlin: Thomas STUCK, Fon: 030 221 609 312 Mov: 0160 995 78 158
mail: info@2gas-station.net
Vienna: Elisa ASENBAUM, Fon: 0043 1 533 56 77
mail: elisa@2gas-station.net

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