The Prix Émile Hermés 2014 – Design competition

PEHThe Fondation d’entreprise Hermès invites young professional designers to invent the objects of tomorrow. Find out more about the theme for the latest Prix Émile Hermès. Since its creation in 2007, the Prix Émile Hermès has supported innovative work by talented young designers, responding to society’s changing needs and lifestyles. For the third annual competition, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès has chosen a theme reflecting our increasingly vital need for a moment of peace, some time out, a brief pause – a chance to escape the relentless activity, ideas and obligations of the super-highway of modern life. Deadline: 17 November 2013.

Competition Theme

  • Mankind has always felt a need to put the tasks and obligations of everyday life on ‘hold’
  • Re-focus, reflect, relax
  • The typologies of design
  • Today
  • A device across cultures

Design specification

A Prospective Proposal: Candidates are invited to submit designs for an object, machine, utensil, piece of furniture, architectural concept etc., carefully devised and formulated for a specific, practical function while at the same time proposing a formal, aesthetic concept of the highest quality. Each design will offer a lasting, sustainable alternative to existing everyday objects performing the functions stated in the competition’s theme. Multi-purpose, adaptable designs are also invited, incorporating uses and applications which may be discovered over the life the object.

Ingenious Solutions Showcasing An Economy Of Means: The submitted designs will offer ingenious solutions for practical, effective and ergonomic objects made using basic techniques and a simple, reliable production process, while at the same time devising unprecedented, wholly modern procedures. Modernity in simplicity: state-of-the-art techniques may be used, but with an emphasis on simple, user-friendly solutions rather than technological complexity. The submitted designs must express a new relation to time and involve the user physically and/or emotionally.

 A sustainable approach and process: Candidates will offer detailed explanation and justification of their choice of production process, taking account of key environmental issues (notably the required energy sources, avoiding the use of non-renewable natural resources). The production process should aim to limit the object’s environmental footprint as far as possible, notably through the use of locally-available resources. Each entry will include a detailed energy audit, and an analysis of the object’s life cycle.

A practical, reproducible object: Each object, machine, utensil etc. must be designed for easy reproducibility, whether conceived for the mass market and industrial manufacture, or small-scale distribution and production using traditional craft techniques. One-off, utopian designs or “dream products” are by definition excluded.

Spheres Of Application: Designs will focus on everyday indoor or outdoor uses, indoor and outdoor spaces, transitory spaces and/or times, and/or emergency and humanitarian applications. 

Candidates may focus on one or all of the functions stated in the competition theme.

The Prix Émile Hermès does not cover fashion or clothing. Designs should in no way echo or make reference to the house of Hermès (the parent organisation of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès), nor to its logo, brand colours or style specifications.

Register to enter the Prix Émile Hermès international design award, from the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès. The Prize invites young design professionals to create the objects of tomorrow, reflecting and responding to society’s changing aspirations and lifestyles worldwide.


1 September – 17 November 2013
How to register and submit your project
Submit your entry via a link activated on this page at www.prixemilehermes.com.
(17/11/13 until midnight Paris time (CET), date and time as per entry online.)

December 2013
Jury meets to select the shortlist of finalists

1 January – 31 March 2014
Production of prototypes

April 2014
Jury deliberations

End of May 2014
Award ceremony in Paris


The Prix Émile Hermès is open to designers and engineers aged under 40 on November 17 2013, in the following categories:

  • professional graduates from schools of design, engineering, architecture, and the visual or applied arts.
  • non-graduate professionals with at least three years’ proven experience in professional design.
  • final-year students at schools of design, engineering, architecture, and the visual or applied arts.

Participants may enter individually or in teams (up to five people).

The Prix Émile Hermès is an international award open to entrants from all countries.

Prize amounts for the Prix Émile Hermès

  • 1st prize: 50 000 euros
  • 2nd prize: 25 000 euros
  • 3rd prize: 15 000 euros

Web: http://www.prixemilehermes.com


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