The SCA Packaging Design Competition – TEMPO Tissue

The SCA Packaging Design CompetitionDeadline: 4 December 2011

Open to: everyone

The is a global . Redesign the classic for your chance to win.

The Prizes

Send in your packaging designs today for your shot at up to € 14000 (to be split among the finalists), the possibility to attend workshops at , an INTERNSHIP at SCA Packaging and even the chance to have your design COMMERCIALLY PRODUCED

Your challenge: Create a for the standard TEMPO tissue box.

Tempo is an iconic brand in Europe that has paved the way in hygiene standards with tissues for the past 80 years. Commencing with hanky packs or pocket packs, Tempo changed our behaviour in personal care. Now with the Tempo box we are looking to do the same. We are looking for creative ideas that can make a difference to the current tissue box market. Your new pack design will need address the challenges of the category that make the tissue box more appealing to have on display in the home. Currently the box offerings are too big, bulky and ugly to appeal to the senses of most European buyers.


Introduction to Tempo Challenge

High usage situations for the tissue box are in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom and the car. Size and ease of use are important factors for success. So too is the visual appeal of the graphic design on the box itself.

Therefore in addition to the pack design, you will need to assure the consumers of Tempo quality inside with a focus on the graphic design, incorporating the TEMPO branding.

Don’t forget about where the purchase occurs also. The consideration to trial the product will start with the visual appeal on the supermarket shelf.

Main Requirements

Pack Design

Your starting point is the current standard TEMPO box –which is cube or rectangular shaped. Gives us your views on the ideal box dimensions and structural design, which means you are given the freedom to create an entirely new shape for the TEMPO box.

However take product availability and ease of use into account: the tissues in your pack still need to be interfolded. As one tissue is taken out, the next tissue needs to pop-out automatically. One hand usage remains a key benefit for the consumer. You are not allowed to change the dimensions or design of the tissues as such.

Graphic Design

As mentioned, the TEMPO tissue box is mostly used in households, in places like the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, livingroom and even in the car. Similar to design tastes there are many different wishes, some people prefer tissue boxes to blend in while others like a visual statement. Regardless of whether the graphic design blends to the surroundings or makes a statement, the consumer should be proud to put your design on their coffee table or the kitchen bench.

Do not limit your creativity to one design, you might even consider to develop a whole range of promotional pack designs. It is of course important that you incorporate the TEMPO branding in your design.


The current TEMPO box is made of cardboard. You are free to choose any material, as long as you keep the sustainability aspect in mind. The box needs to be fully recyclable which implies a preference for paper based materials. Cost and ease of production are also considered as important factors.

Think beyond the primary pack

  • Do not only look at the primary packaging but also think about the secondary packaging
  • Your new pack design, in combination with the secondary packaging, should be able to fulfil all functionalities such as transport, protection and bundling through the entire supply chain, and attracting the end-consumer in-store.
  • Think also about the .

Judging criteria (in order of importance)

Consumer experience: (structure and graphics)

1. Effectiveness of addressing the barriers (too big, too bulky, too ugly)
2. Relevance. Ease and convenience of usage in the home
3. Graphic design which considers the usage locations
4. Overall design that considers where the purchase occurs
5. Link to the Tempo brand

Level of novelty:

6. Unique and differentiated. What sets your proposal apart from the rest.
7. Changes the reference for the category


8. Choice of packaging material
9. Amount of packaging
10. Ease of disposal and recycling


Can it be taken into production – Can this be the tissue box of 2015?


Artwork submission of your concept

All material needs to be in English.

You will provide us with your full contact details: full name, email, telephone number, address, & country, age and curriculum details (university or school and study programme).


Pitch your idea and convince the jury with your creative and conceptual work. Use the provided PowerPoint template “DC-03-TEMPO-YOUR-PROJECT-NAME.ppt” to visualise your artwork and present it the jury.

You are also allowed to make use of to support your concept:

Design Challenge community: http://scapackagingdesignchallenge.ning.com/
Fan pages: http://www.facebook.com/sca.design.challenge
Videos: http://www.youtube.com/scapackaging


For Deliverable 1 & 2 you have to make use of the provided template that can be supported by video.

PowerPoint template:
• Save your concept as “DC-03-TEMPO-YOUR-PROJECT-NAME.ppt
• Maximum 12 slides
• Maximum 5 MB

• Maximum length of 3 minutes
• Maximum size of 50 MB
• File types allowed are: mp4/ avi/ flv/ mpg/ swf/ wmv


Latest by Sunday 4th of December 2011 you have to send all your artwork to design.challenge@sca.com

Useful tips & resources

Check out www.scapackaging-design-challenge.com for more information
Join our network at http://scapackagingdesignchallenge.ning.com/
Be inspired by the previous two editions at www.youtube.com/scapackaging

Any questions? Please contact us at design.challenge@sca.com

Good luck to all of you!


And 10 reasons to participate in the [03] Design Challenge

1. As a participant, you will have your personal profile page on the SCA Design Challenge social network. You will be able to use it to showcase your work and interact with fellow packaging design lovers.

2. Your entry will be viewed and judged by established professional designers and international brand owners. What could be more thrilling than having retail experts giving you insights about how the product of your imagination could work ‘in the real world’?

3. If your entry gets selected as one of the finalists, you will be invited to one of our Design Centres in Europe, where you will attend a workshop with our ‘design mentors’ to fine-tune your concept and brush up your presentation skills. You will continue to receive their advice and support until the big day of the final.

4. Finalists will also be invited to visit the manufacturing sites of our two partners: finalists of the LEGO category will have a tour around LEGO’s factory in Billund (Denmark) and finalists of the Tempo category will visit the tissue mill in Neuss-am-Rhein (Germany).

5. On top of that, and because we know a little financial support is always welcome by students, a total prize money of 14000 EUR will be distributed among the finalists.

6. The finals will take place at SCA Packaging’s Innovation Centre in downtown Brussels, the heart of Europe. You will be invited there to present your concept in front of a jury of top industry players (if it all goes well, we might even toast with some Belgian beers afterwards).

7. Each category winner will get a one-month internship at one of our Design Centres, with all expenses paid. Some of the previous edition winners liked it so much, they have now become full-time employees of SCA Packaging.

8. And to top it all, who knows, your concept might make the leap from your mind into a production line.

9. In short, the SCA Design Challenge provides a unique business experience, giving students the chance to participate in real live projects with a customer project brief as in real life. What are you waiting for?

10. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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