The Script&Pitch Audience Designers 2012 Call for applications

Script&Pitch Audience Designers 2012 Call for applicationsDeadline: 10 December 2011, 30 March 2012

Open to: professional scriptwriters,  writer-directors, as well as to story editors, writer-producers and development executives.

The Script&Pitch Audience Designers 2012 Call for applications will be available on-line on a date yet to be announced. The deadline for applications will be March 30th, 2012.

Script&Pitch 2012

Deadline for applications: December 10th, 2011

Every year TorinoFilmLab offers Script&Pitch, an advanced script development course for scriptwriters and directors of first and second features from all over the world. The programme is realized in partnership with Le Groupe OuestNisi MasaBoostHBG and Film i Skåne
The course lasts from March to January (11 months) and foresees 3 residential workshops, 2 on line sessions and 1 Alumni meeting. It follows the entire scriptwriting process, offering close collaboration and insights into the challenges of each step, from generating ideas and structuring the material through first and second drafts, up to a final pitch in front of producers and sales agents who will be invited to the meeting event on November 2012, during the next Torino Film Festival.
On this occasion, a group of decision makers will assign up to six , that will allow the chosen filmmakers to work on their projects for another year at TorinoFilmLab, through the FrameWork program. A special ” of 6.000 Euro will also be assigned to one of the participating projects.
Within Script&Pitch, 4 Audience Designer participants will also collaborate with the authors through 6 months of development (from the second residential workshop onwards), finding ways to work together and exploring how to best draw attention and create audience pre-awareness about their film projects through transmedia ideas.
The programme is held in parallel with the Writer’s Room transmedia workshops, whose participants will interact with the scriptwriters exchanging ideas and thoughts with them throughout the course of the year.

Who can apply?

Script&Pitch is for both scriptwriters and story editors and is therefore open to professional scriptwriters,  writer-directors, as well as to story editors, writer-producers and development executives. Most of our participants already have a production company interested in their project and are looking for development training to enhance both the universality and personal voice of the project. However, it is not necessary that a producer is already attached to the project.
Applicants must confirm their availability for the workshops and the final pitch.
The working language of all Script&Pitch workshops, meetings and events is English; thus, a good knowledge of English is essential in order to participate.

Workshops & on-line sessions

Three intensive weeklong workshops and two on-line sessions keep the project development in a constructive flow. Participants work in groups of four writers and a story editor, with a tutor heading the process. In the second and third residential workshop, as well as during the second on-line session, participants will take advantage of the presence of an “audience designer” in the group, who will be creating a strategy for the transmedia promotion of their projects; during the Meeting Event these Audience Designers will pitch the strategies they will have elaborated along with the scriptwriters for each project. Lectures on dramaturgy, and film analysis, for example, are an integral part of the course, in combination with master classes and one-on-one meetings with industry professionals. The tutors and trainers are experienced and well-connected professionals, both at a European and international level.

Participation fees & scholarships

Course participation fee for writers (from all eligible countries) is 2.000 Euro.
Scholarships, covering half of the fee, can be assigned by merit to participants coming from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.
Scholarships can also be assigned by merit to non-EU participants.
Course participation fee for story editors (from all eligible countries) is 1.000 Euro.
These amounts cover workshop training, on-line sessions, accommodation and subsistence. Participants must pay all travel costs. In many countries bursaries and scholarships are available for this kind of training.

How to apply?

20 applicants are selected to participate in Script&Pitch: 16 scriptwriters and 4 story editors.
The requested materials for scriptwriters are:
– application form (downloadable from this page), in PDF;
– an updated CV, in PDF;
– project synopsis (1 page maximum), in PDF;
– project treatment (10 page maximum), in PDF;
– a previously realized short film (optional)*
*to upload the short film please follow the link: http://tfl.museotv.com and sign up
The requested materials for story editors are:
– application form (downloadable from this page), in PDF;
– an updated CV, in PDF;
– a motivation letter explaining why you would like to take part in the programme, in PDF.
Please e-mail the files, all in English and in separate PDF documents to:
For more information please contact:
The Selected projects of Script&Pitch must indicate TorinoFilmLab support both in the opening and closing credits, by displaying the TorinoFilmLab Logo, together with the caption “Supported by TorinoFilmLab”.

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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