Vermont Studio Center Fellowships, VSC awards

Vermont Studio Center Fellowships, VSC awardsDeadline: 3 October 2011

a number of fellowships for 4-week residencies throughout the year. In addition to , a variety of special fellowships are also available for full or partial funding as well as specific .

Sixteen merit-based fellowships open to all visual artists and writers.

Clowes Fund Fellowships
Four fellowships, one each for visual artists living in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Indiana and Washington. Each award includes a $400 travel stipend.

Educational Foundation of America Fellowships
Three merit-based fellowships available to emerging and mid-career artists and writers of color from the United States.

Rona Jaffe Foundation Fellowship
One fellowship for an emerging woman writer who will be a first-time resident at VSC. This award includes a stipend of $1250 to help cover expenses associated with taking the residency, including but not limited to travel, rent, childcare or to replace lost income.

A for New England visual artists over 35. Please apply to VSC at this deadline for consideration by

One fellowship for an artist or writer who is raising young children; this award includes a $2,000 stipend to cover lost income, travel, child care, or other costs related to taking time away from the family. In addition to the VSC application form, applicants should submit a copy of a tax return (or other documentation) showing dependents under the age of 18.

John Pavlis Fellowships
Three awards for African-American visual artists and writers, with preference given to current students and recent , Spelman or Morehouse Colleges.

Civil Society Institute Fellowship
One fellowship for a minority visual artist with demonstrable financial need from New Haven, Jersey City, or Baltimore. The $25 application fee is waived for eligible CSI applicants. Award includes a $500 travel stipend.

Two fellowships, one each for a visual artist and writer, who are recent recipients of .

Bloomsburg University Fellowship

One fellowship for a Bloomsburg University art or writing faculty member.

are offered based on a review of the portfolio or manuscript submitted by each applicant. While application for residency may be submitted at any time, applicants who wish to be considered for a fellowship must submit their application by one of the three annual fellowship deadlines. Fellowship applications are reviewed by a revolving jury of VSC visiting artists and writers and are based on merit as seen by the jury. The Vermont Studio Center welcomes applicants representing the full rage of aesthetic perspectives and cultural backgrounds.

Your application must be received in our office by the application deadline.

Full Fellowship Deadlines

•       October 3, 2011

•        February 15, 2012

•        June 15, 2012

It is best to apply at least six months in advance of your preferred start date, though we will consider applications received as late as 6 weeks in advance of the month(s) for which one is applying. Summer and fall Residencies are our most popular and competitive, the recommended deadline for summer fellowships is October 1. Please view the residency schedule when selecting your dates. We are currently booked through spring and summer 2011, with most of our available space in fall 2011.

Application Guidelines

How To Apply:

1. Print a copy of the residency application form.

2. Fill out the form and mail it to us with the following:

  • Manuscript or Portfolio
    See the guidelines below
  • Current Resumé
  • References
    On a separate page, please provide names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of three people who are familiar with your work and would be willing to supply a reference if asked.
  • Financial Status
    If you would like to be considered for assistance based on financial need as well as merit, include financial documentation (a copy of the first page of your most recent income tax return, a recent W-2, a statement of need, etc.).
  • $25 Application Fee
    You may pay by check in US dollars, money order or credit card (VISA, Master Card, Discovery, American Express).
  • Self-Addressed Stamped Postcard (Optional)
    Returned to you as confirmation of receipt of your application.

3. Applications may be submitted at any time. Applicants who wish to be considered for a fellowship must submit their applications by the fellowship application deadlines (4/1 for specific international fellowships, 6/15, and 10/1 and 2/15 for all others); applications must be received, not postmarked, by the application deadline. For each deadline, applications are reviewed by a revolving jury of professional artists and writers, and the fellowship determinations made.

Portfolio/Manuscript Guidelines

Include THREE (3) copies of your manuscript: For poets, maximum of 10 pages, no more than one poem per page. All other genres, maximum of 15 pages. Please use a standard typeface (e.g. Times, Palatino, Garamond, Courier), minimum 10–point type. Print on one side of the page only. Prose manuscripts should be double–spaced. Manuscripts must be submitted in an unpublished format. The first copy of the manuscript should include a cover sheet with your name, address, and title of the manuscript, and be bound with a paper clip. The second and third copies should be corner stapled and include no cover sheet. Your name should not appear anywhere on the manuscript itself. Manuscripts will not be returned.

You may send up to 20 slides or digital images of your work. Please print and include a list that corresponds to your slides or digital images. For each image, this list must include your name and the title, size, medium and date of the image. When your application is first reviewed, only the first 4 images will be projected. Slides or CDs will only be returned if you include an SASE or sufficient international postal coupons.

Digital Images

  • Must be submitted as JPEG files on a CD that can be read by Mac operating systems.
  • Slideshows and Powerpoint presentations are not accepted.
  • Each JPEG may be no larger than 1600 pix in any direction.
  • Image resolution must be between 72 and 100 dpi.
  • Each file must be less than 1MB.
  • Must be labeled with the applicant’s family name followed by a period, first initial, underscore and number, for example:


  • Must be mounted in cardboard or plastic mounts.
  • Slide mounts should measure 2″ x 2″ (outside).
  • Must be numbered 1-20.
  • Top must be indicated with an arrow.
  • Name, title, size, medium, and date must be indicated on each slide.
  • The first 4 images will be projected.

International Community

VSC’s International Residencies Program brings artists and writers from around the world to VSC. On average, approximately 20% of the monthly resident community is from outside the U.S. In the year 2009, over 100 artists from 40 countries worked at the Vermont Studio Center including artists from 13 countries in Asia, and numerous countries in eastern and western Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and the Arab World. These many outstanding International Artist and Writer Residents are enriched by their experience at the Studio Center, and in turn, bring cultural diversity and creative richness to the VSC community and the larger community of Northern Vermont.

If you would like to apply for a VSC Residency, a VSC Fellowship, or a VSC International Fellowship, click here for a link to our application page. To learn about the International Fellowships being offered for a specific fellowship deadline, see our Fellowships page. A partial list of VSC’s recent and ongoing fellowships, as well as the foundations whose funding has made these residencies possible, can be viewed below.

VSC International Fellowship Programs

A selection of VSC’s International Fellowship Programs from a variety of international funding sources:

The Freeman Foundation Asian Artists’ Fellowship Program – Since 1992, The Freeman Foundation has supported 8-week Studio Center Residencies for artists from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Reed Foundation Caribbean Fellowships – Since 1998, the Reed Foundation has sponsored annual fellwoships for 3 artists from the Carribean. Through this Program artists have come from Trinidad, Curacao, Cuba, Aruba, and Jamaica.

The Ford Foundation Program for Artists from Africa and the Middle East -In 2004, VSC received a from the Ford Foundation, sponsoring nine artists from Africa and the Middle East to do one-month residencies at VSC, followed by a weeklong trip to New York, administered by Triangle Arts Trust. In 2005, Ford almost doubled its support, sponsoring eight artists for two months at VSC. In 2007, our last funding year, Ford sponsored 3 African and Middle Eastern 2-month fellowships at VSC. We are currently seeking support for artists in this region.

CEC Artslink has funded both Eastern European and Central Asian Artist Residencies at the Studio Center.

Donald & Shelley Rubin Foundation Awards – 8-week fellowships for visual artists engaging in or responding to traditional Himalayan forms and Cuban artists.

US-Japan Foundation Awards – 8-week fellowships for visual artists of Japan followed by a week-long NYC cultural trip.

Mex-Am Cultural Foundation Fellowships – for one artist from Mexico.

Pollock-Krasner International Fellowship – 8-week residency for a top-scoring international artist from any region.

James Wallace Arts Trust – established in 2008 for a visual artist of outstanding talent from New Zealand, the program awards a 2-month residency and the possibility of subsidized airfare.

Fund for Displaced Artists – ongoing effort to support artists from around the world displaced from their studios due to regional natural disasters. VSC will fund two month-long residencies for Haitian artists and writers in 2010.  These awards honor Flo McGarrell, son of VSC Visiting Artist and friend James McGarrell, who was killed in Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.

Literature in Translation Awards – these awards include residencies for Chinese poets and their translators, as well as fellowships for writers of Poland, Taiwan, Cuba, Mexico, Lebanon, Vietnam and Guatemala funded by the Polish Cultural Institute, the Donald & Shelley Rubin Foundation, and several anonymous patrons.

VSC International Fellowship Fund

The VSC Fellowship Fund provides $1,400,000 to artists and writers each year in the form of 200 Full Fellowships and 300 Partial Fellowships. International donors range from those who fund a number of Full Fellowships on an annual basis to those who contribute just a portion of an award. Either way, gifts of all sizes are welcome, necessary, and truly appreciated.

International Full Fellowship donors have the opportunity to create awards for outstanding artists and writers selected either 1) solely on merit through VSC’s independent jury process, or 2) according to criteria specified by the donor in support of artists from a particular country, a cultural or economic background, or from an arts or literary institution.

$5,500 funds a VSC International Fellowship. For more information on how you can support the VSC International Fellowship Fund, or to discuss establishing criteria for a specific international awards program, please click here or contact the VSC Development Office at development@vermontstudiocenter.org.

Learn more:  http://www.vermontstudiocenter.org/intro-video/

Complete rules and application form may be downloaded from the web site:


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