World Stage Design 2013 – Scenofest

is a major part of . Applications to bring performances to Scenofest are now open! To apply please read the application guidelines and then email your proposal summary, your technical requirement sheet and full contact details to performance@wsd2013.com with in the subject title. Companies and artists from the UK and around the world are being invited to apply to bring performances to Scenofest, WSD2013.  Applications are encouraged from a broad range of work, and could include collective or solo shows, live art and installation, public participation pieces and everything in between.

Applications are welcome from practitioners at every stage in their career – from students through to established artists.


Application Guidelines 

Technical requirement sheet to be submitted with applications 

Stage one deadline for application: December 19th 2012

Stage one entries will receive notification of selection in January 2013

For those who need additional time to submit their application, further entries will be considered from Jan to March 2013

Stage two deadline for application: March 15th 2013

Stage two will receive notification of selection in April 2013

  1. Scenofest is a major part of World Stage Design 2013.
  2. This extraordinary festival of creative practice will open your eyes to the world of design and performanceScenofest will include over one hundred live events with performances, presentations and workshops which will be led by the most inspirational artists and performance groups from across the world.
  3. Scenofest was originally established by OISTAT (International Organisation of Scenographers, Architects and Technicians) and has become one of the most exciting international performance design and practice celebrations during the last 12 years.

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