YxineFF 2013 calls for film entry

The fourth edition of YxineFF officially launches by announcing the theme, time frame and calling for entries in 2013. We usually have to face different choices in life. Every decision will lead us to a path, a different direction. Speak our mind or remain silence? Support, oppose or stay neutral? Make art house or entertaining movies?… Sometimes the choice is not totally simple, because the world is not clearly divided into black – white, good – bad, love – hate,… However, everyone has a choice. Following the tradition of celebrating the individual theme of last year, ’s theme is CHOICE.

YxineFF hopes that filmmakers dare to follow their personal path, dare to be fully committed to their passion for cinema despite all the hardships. You have the right to choose and the power of choice will lead you to the right direction” – said Mr. Marcus Manh Cuong Vu, President and Leader of the selection committee of YxineFF.

In order to express this theme, the visual emphasis of YxineFF 2013 is the journey of a filmmaker named TimTim faces three paths which symbolize the choices. In the vortex labyrinth of a stylized filmstrip, Tim has exits for himself: getting an award? having box office success? or getting hit by tomatoes? This is a visual graphic production by Justin Khuong – Creative Director of Nhong company from Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

YxineFF 2013 accepts submissions in 3 months, from 10th April to 10th July 2013. Vietnamese and international filmmakers can send films of all genres, which do not exceed 60 minutes in length, in 4 categories: International Competition, Local Competition, Panorama and In Focus. The forth edition will officially commence on 9thSeptember 2013 and the closing and award ceremony will take place in December 2013.

This year the film fest will continue to hand out awards for Golden Heart, Red Heart, Green Heart, Fire Heart, Rainbow Heart and Vietnamese Heart as well as individual awards in the International Competition category. The jury of International Competition – the most important part of YxineFF 2013 will consist of 5 members as usual and will be announced in the near future.

To download to submission form, click here.

Web: http://www.yxineff.com/en/news/yxineff-2013-keu-goi-gui-phim/

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